My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


14. 14



Bored is the number one thing to describe me right now. I'm regretting my choice, I should've went to school. But I'm Sitting here, full from cake ice cream, and BORED. 


"How can you stay here all day by yourself" I groaned, taking a spoonful of the ice cream. "IT'S BORING, OH.MY.NUGGETS!" 


"Oh my nuggets?" He says back. "What the f.uck?" 

"You know me, I'm weird."   I smile getting up to the back, going to the radio I plug in my phone and I play my Drake. 


"Someones here to see you Sunny!" I hear Jim yell, "Two guys."


I walk out of the back, grabbing my ice cream, dancing to the music. I look up to see Harry and Louis.


"Wassa?" I ask rolling my eyes. I sit down on the counter. 


"We want to apologize, for what happen" Louis says. 


I squint, "Bullshit" I smile. "Tell me something believable please" 


I stand and I start to shake my hips a little.


"No seriously, let us. We feel really bad for what happened" Harry said. 


"LIES!" I yell, suddenly high on sugar, "You think you gon' come up in here, and expect me to forgive yall like a bum bitch, hmm?" I say. 


They looked at each other and looked back at you, "Yeah, Kinda?" The responded.


"So yall callin' me a bum bitch?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows. "Get the fuck out." I point to the door. Turning back around to get my ice cream. 


Once figuring that they're still here, I turned to them, "May I help you? You know there's a buy one get one free ice cream special." 


Jim snickers behind me. 


I turn back around grabbing my phone from the back and my bag and I go to the door. "I'm Sorry Jim, Something just came up, I'll talk to you later" I say, going over to my car. 


I hopped in and I turned the key, driving away. 






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