My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


13. 13



He pushed me against the wall, giving me little butterfly kisses on my neck.


Without saying anything he picked me up and through me on my bed, I smiled and took my shirt off. 


He slowly climbed on top of me kissing my stomach, sucking it a little.


He slowly grabbed, the hem of my jeans and went to the buttons. 


I threw my head back. Hearing the buttons 'pop!' off, and the zip of my zipper. I close my eyes as I feel his hand go into my jeans, his fingers skimming over my lace panties. 


My hips jerked up, when I feel his finger touch my sensitive spot. 


"Oh, F.uck" I mumbled, biting my lip. My sex is burning of anticipation. 


He smiles licks his top lip. He pulls down my pants all the way throwing it on the ground. 


He digs his nose in my s.ex, inhaling for a second, (a.n/ sorry if it's weird -_-) 


He looks up and smirks at me, "You smell sweet... I wonder if you taste the same way" His voice, husky and low, hot. With his teeth he grabs the hem of the lace and pulls it down not breaking eye contact with me. They drop like my pants. 


He grabbed my knees, bent them the opened them  -Don't know how else to put it- His fingers skimmed over my folds I immediately got and my head went back and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. 


He kissed from my right knee down to my s.ex, he kissed my sensitive spot, then licked it, then sucked on it, he repeated the same pattern, making me shake, and moan uncontrollably. 


Then with his thumb he circled, my c.lit making my hips buck to his fingers.


"Let go babe, I know you want to," He smiled a genuine smile, all of a sudden he blows on my c.lit making me come undone, I come all over him.


He slowly comes up to me. And looks me in my eyes, "Wake up" he says, my eyebrows furrow and I look at him.


"What?" I ask perplexed.


"I said wake up, your going to be late." 


"Wake Up!"






I jolt up quick making me dizzy,  "What the hell?," I ask to myself, both of my hands go to my hair, scratching my scalp. I look around my room, immediately spotting Jim. "What are you doing here?" I ask. 


"Well, I slept on the couch, and I woke up, and decided to wake you up. You slept through your alarm, Sunny" 


I scowl, laying back down on my bed, "You woke me up from a perfect dream" I say groaning into my pillow. 


He smirks, reminding me of the guy in my dreams, "Sounded like a good dream," He laughs, and I blush throwing a pillow in my face. "Your going to be late for school" I groan louder.


"I don't wanna go, PLEASE DON'T LET ME GOOOO!" I yell rolling off the bed. 


"Maniac" I hear him mumble, "Fine, You don't have to go, you can come with me, to the shop" 


"Do I have to?" I ask, really wanting to stay home, and watch re-runs of Friends.


"How about this..." He says thinking a little then he smiles, "Free ice cream, for the whole shift,"


When he sees my blank face he compromises, "For a day?" I purse my lips, "For A week" I raise my brow, "For a month, final option" 

I get up, walking to the bathroom, "I'll be ready in 10 minutes" 


I wink at him, hearing him chuckle, "That's my girl" 





For the s.ex scene I thought I actually did good, THANKS WATTPAD. 


Comment, as usual. 



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