My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


12. 12



I yell from the top of my lungs with sponge bob.


"DUM DUM DUM!!" Some one else yells.


This time I scream of terror, falling off of the couch, on my butt.


"What the hell?" I said when I heard laughing. I look over at the unknown person -still laughing- and I frown seeing Jim.


I look at him in a blank face, well at least he brought some Taco Bell.


I walk up to him kissing his cheek taking the food.


"Why are you here" I ask, looking in the bag taking out a soft taco.


"To bring you food." He says back sitting next to me on the couch.


"That's not the real reason." I take a bite out of my taco. "What do you want from me"


He bites his lip. "Go out with me, its a demand not a question."





I sit on my bed looking at the computer that the principle gave me.


Being that it's Wendsay I get my pen pal email in a couple of days i decided to look through tumblr and twitter. I look at the email icon seeing it has a number two next to it saying that I have two emails. 


I click on it seeing one from tge principle and the other from this person named 'Mr.M'.


I furrowed my eyebrows clicking on it.




I know I wrote to early, but im bored af


So i decided to email u lol


I hope u dont mind, lets talk tho


Oh, btw its ur pen pal if u didnt kno. Lets get to kno eachothr??'


My eyes widen, and I bite my lip.


My fingers skimed over they keyboard, and then I typed 'Hi, Wassap??...'


And I guess thats how it all started.




I kno shitty chapter i hope u like tho. 


I'll try to write something up in my notebook later. 







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