My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


11. 11




When I was walking into school, I wanted to do nothing but actually learn and get out of this f*cking school.


I walked straight to the office not even advising the receptionist where I'm going. 


I took a apple and some chocolate and stuffed it into my bag, walking to the principles room.


I opened the door sitting on the chair. 


"When am I going to get my first letter. I'm a very impatient person." I say crossing my arms across my chest. 


"Well, Hello to you too." She said, "And the starting date is this Friday, Coming in about.. 5pm." 


I sighed, Luckily it's only 2 days away.  I stood up after.


"Okay, That's all I need, Bye" I say quickly walking out.


Once in the halls, my head went down. I honestly want nobody coming to me to talk, and I most certainly don't want drama. 


Talking about drama, I never got caught for the fight I had for Abby. 


Eh, I guess she didn't tattle. 


I walk to my first class, I ignoring the teacher. I walk all the way to the back of the classroom sitting on one of the back seats.


I set my head on the table. For the rest of the minutes until the first bell rings.





Sitting by myself during lunch time, Is the usual for me. 


I guess nobody is wants to sit with me because of my attitude, which is fine with me.


I guess I like it because of the quietness. I took out the apple from my book bag and Took a bite. 


A fuji apple, sweet yet a little tart. 


I took out my notebook, that's filled with stories, notes, and my drawings  made by myself.


I opened It to a blank page and I thought for a moment, before I grabbed my pencil and I started to draw the first thing that came to mind. 


"Hm, Sunny can actually do something to save her life." I looked up to see Abby, and behind her was Harry... and Louis. 


I rolled my eyes, "Bother someone else, will ya?"  I snapped.


I took another bite of my apple, and I started to draw again.


"What's up your ass today?" She remarked.


I took my notebook and pencil and shoved it into my bag, I stood up and tried to get away. Until she grabbed me by the collar and pressed my back to the table, making a bang.


I looked around the cafeteria, seeing everybody looking over at us. 


My eyes wandered to Harry and Louis, I glared at them. 


Then I looked back at Abby.


"Your not going to say anything, Sunny?" She asked. 


I closed my eyes, trying to calm my self down. 


"Oh, Is sunny to weak?" She pouted, laughing after.


I then lashed out, I grabbed her neck and pushed her to the table across. 


I tightened my hand around her neck, making her gasp and trying to take my hand off of her neck.


"Look, Abby. I don't want you to talk to me, look at me, or even be near me for that matter, Or you will be in this position again, but after you'll be dead, and I will be in jail" I smiled letting go of her neck.


She fell on the ground, gasping for air, The whole cafeteria went silent, and looked at me.


"Boo? Go back to eating your crappy ass food." I said and with that I left and went to the library. 











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