My Pen- Pal

This story was made when I was 16. So sorry for the cliche-ness.


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❤Marcel makes me feel some type of way. ❤ 


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I turned around and I walked out the door. 

"Umm, excuse me, but do you know where S|1 Is?" I turned around again.




  I looked at the guy in front of me. I nodded, "I'm going over that way anyway." I turned around, "Follow me, please" I walked through the halls. 


I glanced at him from over my shoulder, "So you have advanced science too?" 


He looked at me like, 'Really Bish... We have the same class' I Still stared at him, waiting for my answer. 


"Well?" I asked again. He still stared at me. "Fine... give me your timetable." I held my hand out, raising an eyebrow.


He handed me it, and I looked at it. 


'Harry E. Styles.'


1p      | Homeroom/English | Mr. Rob |N13

2p      |Music| Miss. Ellie |   E3


3p      |P.E|Ms. Ann |GYM

4p      |History| Mr. Baines | S7

5p      | FREE PERIOD | Administrator 

6p      | Adv. Science | Mrs. Liz | S/1

7p      | Geometry | Mr. Willis | N8


I gave him back his schedule. "We do have advanced science together, Actually we have all classes together." I walked faster, opening the door to the stairs. 


The late bell rang and I walked slower. And Harry began to walk faster. 


He looked at me weirdly, "Why are you going slower? We have class to go to" I rolled my eyes.


"Bruh, Really? You come up in this school with tattoos and everything. You have that... 'Punk Rock' Look, and your basically telling me that you don't want to be late for Mrs. Lizbo's class?" 


"You know what go ahead and be that good boy you are" I could care less. I turned and looked down the stairs. "I'm going down to the ice cream shop... If your coming then I'll be in the back of the school" I glanced at him one last time, before going down the stairs, and back out the door. 


I heard him groan, and I heard his footsteps going down the stairs. I smiled going to the back of the school. I took out my pack of cigarettes. "You smoke?" He asked following me. 


I nod, "Yeah, It's... addicting. Relieves the pain, or depression." I shrug, taking one out placing it between my lips, I light it up with my lighter. I breath in, letting the toxins go into my lungs, I take it out with two fingers exhaling, making a ring of smoke. 


I clear my throat, looking at him. "Sorry, Where are my manners. " I hold out the cigarette to him. "Want a puff?" I lick my lips a little. 


"Sure" He smiled (For once). He grabbed it out of my fingers, bringing it up to his lips, inhaling. He puffed out making a fast bullet of smoke come out. 

I took it from him and I inhaled and I smiled blowing out, making a curly mustache on my upper lip. I giggle at his reaction.  


He took it from me again and this time he dropped it and stomped on it. 


"What the fuck?" I looked up at him my eyebrows furrowed. "I wasn't finished with that" I shoved his shoulder a little. Of course not doing anything to him. 


"Let's go to the damn Ice Cream place" I walked out the door fast walking across the street to the ice cream shop. Yes Across the Street... They Think their going to get more money by building a shop across the street from a high school.


I opened the door, to 'What's The Scoop?' Ice cream shop. I felt cold air on my arms forming goosebumps over them.


"Ayyyee, Sunnyyy!" My best friend Jim said. We've been best friends ever since we've came out of the womb


I smile, "Ayyee Jim! How you doing?" 


"Fine... Bored though. I have an hour until my shift is done. Then  I have to go to night school... Anything for my mom" He smiled. His mom is like another mom to me. She was in a house fire and she has severe burns all in various parts of her body. 


"Okay... How is she by the way?" I walk to the counter leaning over kissing his cheek. 


The door opened and I glanced at it seeing Harry walking in. His hair tousled and everything. 


I raised my eyebrow and I lean back from Jim. "What happen with you?" I turned around facing him.


He just shook his head, walking next to me. I smelt perfume on him. "Who were you with?" I asked another question. I knew he was with a girl. 


"Abby" He smiled, and bit his lip.


I fake gag, "Buck Tooth Abby?! Didn't you just see me fighting with her a couple days with her?" I scoffed and I looked at Jim again, "Can I get my regular?" 


I come to this place more than 4 times a week. I get the same things every time. Which is cake batter ice cream, with sprinkles, fudge, and extra brownies. 


Jim Nodded again and turned to make my order. Glancing at me then at Harry, occasionally. I knew ever since 8th grade he liked me -He told me-  It wasn't the right time for me to start another relationship, but I wasn't going to close the door on his, I still left it open still till this day. 


I have to say, yes Jim Is Sexy. I think every girl could relate, he could be a Holster Model I told him to try to, but he says, 'Nah, I'm Not like that, I'd rather not have 1 million girls drooling over me. I already have enough of the with you' That quote stayed in my mind for a long time, and I still makes me smile. Yes, I have to admit that I do sometimes stare at him a lot -out of habit- But I can't help it! He Is toooo Smexy. 


"Why Are you staring again? Have you changed you mind about me?" He bit his bottom lip. And I practically melted at my spot. 


"Hm, Maybe.... Maybe not." I winked and bit my lip. I knew he loved when I do that.


He silently groaned, giving me my ice cream. I handed him $3 (Yes We live in San Francisco). I licked the top of the ice cream, and after I grabbed the spoon taking a spoonful.

Jim's eyes widened, I've only said no every time he asked, today was the only time I said Maybe.


I smirked and turned around, seeing Harry.


"You want something? Or you wanna share?" I asked him. He looked at me, I saw his green eyes change color a little from dark green to a lighter shade of green.


"Share," He said quickly, "Oh, I mean... Um, Yeah, Share" 

I smile and nodded, "Okay... Let's go out side." I smile more walking out the door to the outside benches. I sat down eating another spoonful, giving the cup and spoon to Harry.


"BE CAREFUL WITH HIM, SUNNY!" Jim yelled. I rolled my eyes.


"Sorry for Jim, He's really.... Protective." I shrug taking another spoonful. 


He laughed, "It's nothing to worry about... At least I have friend now, and possibly an enemy" He ate some. 


I laughed. I like this guy.













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