That One Tune

Emma Writes Songs With Her Friend Ed Sheeran , What Happens When One Boy Will Come To The Studio And Emma's Life. Read to find out :)

Copyrighted © Emma_Bear 2014


2. Oh Em Geek

The boy that stands before me blushes and struck a a hand through his hair and looks deeply into my eyes and he says "Well aren't you a pretty little thing." My mouth drops and I blush uncontrollably and smile and say "Thanks" he winks at me and eyeing for a second and going down the hall to the other recording studio , when I turn back around Taylor is smiling deviously me and then I remember oh , crap I forgot Taylor and 'Him' have dated and then she says something I didn't expect her to say "Looks like Harry has tooken a likening to you , you know last year at the billboard awards , when me and him were still dating, he couldn't keep his eyes off of you , I was glaring at him the whole time" she says while rolling her eyes , I burst into a laughter , that my last boyfriend said was the most prettiest smile ever , and then I get torn from my thoughts from the sound of Louis singing off pitch "Harry likes Em..." He stops Whonse kindle poke my head out the door and see him down the hall with Zayn putting a hand over his mouth , they smile like idiots , and I furrow my eye brows and did a confused smile and put my back into the studio room and I tell Ed and Taylor I'm going to use the bathroom (p.s theres only one bathroom for everyone to use) I knock on the door and hear a Irish voice say "I'm In here!" And I roll my eyes realizing that it's Niall in there and I slid down the wall and sit on the floor and text Austin [hey austie]-[yo emmey]-[Oh!Emma I was wondering if you would like to go on a date some time?]-[Oh Austin , I'd love to]-[YAY!!!] I then roll my eyes , and the bathroom door opens and a pair of blue eyes shoot at me with a unforgettable smile "Hello Emma" he says happily "Hello Niall, um bye" and then I shoot into the bathroom and close the door with him doing a funny smile . I get out of the bathroom exactly a minute , and rush down the hall and hear what I sang a few minutes ago , and it sounded good , with more instruments playing and I walk in the room where it was being played from , I step into the door way , everyone's eyes go on to me and they all smile . Perrie , Jade ,Harry , Zayn , Justin , Niall , Louis , Liam , Ed , Taylor , Ed Is At the control station , hitting buttons and changing the tune of the song , I turn to see the couch there's only one place left and it's next to Harry , I sit down , and he doesn't look at me just keeps texting the same thing , and then everyone's phones go off , except mine , and everyone turns to look at Harry , I think I was on my phone also , and then every one has a different excuse , Perrie and Jade say there gonna go get lunch , Niall , Louis , Zayn ,and Liam all say there gonna go to the store to get somethings and then ed and Taylor , just leave and go down the hall , and then it's just me and Harry left in the room and when everyone's gone he smiles at me and says "Hello Love" "Pardon?" I say putting my hand to my chest "I said Hello Love" he said again smirking , I look at him eye brows furrow "You know you cute when you nervous" he says right to the point .  And I can feel myself blushing even more , and I look down and I feel him tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear "Emma you are very pretty :)" he says truthfully, and I look up and smiles a grateful smile , he looks at my lips and eyes my again and snap my fingers infront of his face "Hello? I'm up here."  I say mentioning toward my eyes , he looks up blushing and then stops and comes closer to me until we lock lips , just a simple kiss , but I went on for what seems like forever , until I pull away . Blushing to be exact , I don't smile and remember Austin and I get up and walk away , trying hard not to freak out , oh my god why , d​id I just let him kiss me? What if Austin found out , oh my god , oh my god .  

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