That One Tune

Emma Writes Songs With Her Friend Ed Sheeran , What Happens When One Boy Will Come To The Studio And Emma's Life. Read to find out :)

Copyrighted © Emma_Bear 2014


1. Good Day With Ed

                         Today I woke and looked at my clock , OMG! ITS 7:05 gahhh.... I'm need to be at the studio at 8:00!! I slip out of bed and rush to the bathroom , and brush my teeth and admire myself for a few moments , I love the way my eyes are a color , that most people don't get as there eyes , I love the how my long golden curly hair , flows helplessly down my waist , my lips are a perfect light pink , my skinny body isn't as flawless as I would like it to be , but I deal with it , at least my face is clear of acne , I have think/thin beautiful eyes brows . I skip out of the bathroom and put on presentable cloths , I wear a pair of skinny/baggy pants , a rolling stones t-shirt , I brush my hair out and put it up in a tight pony tail , and I put on ancel high white socks and put on a pair of my light blue Tom's , I go into my room and stand in front of my full mirror , ok todays the day , don't be nervous , you haven't seen ed in so long , maybe this won't be so bad , and then my phone rings , Wahhhhh.... ok it's Tay Tay , that's Taylor's nickname "Hello?" I say "Emma Your late :/"she says annoyed , I furrow my brows and look at my clock , of fricken. "Oh Crap , sorry Tay Tay lost track of time :(" I say ghastly "I'm on my way" I say even faster , I then hang up and grab my gray hoodie and rush out my door , silently closing my door , and rushing out to my car , but Whonse I get to my car , I stop and breath in air and admire the view , I live in Hollywood , in a big city , where anything can happen!!  I get a text from ed at that same moment [oh and Emma , you will be going a few songs with Austin Mahone]-[k....] I did a victory dance , have had a huge celebrity crush on Austin every since I met him at the billboard awards , but I think he must like me , cause every time I talk to him he always looks at my lips.... oh my god , he does , that's why in tiger beat , they did a whole section on us the headline was "Eustin , there very cute , good idea or bad?" And then I jumped into my car and drove to the studio , trying not to go above the speed limit , and then I get another text from ed saying [oh and 1D have accepted to do a song with you]-[Vat!?!?!?!?!o , okay :/] and then i find myself swerving and horns beeping , I scream/squeal and turn on the radio and I am so happy that on the radio at that exact moment is radioactive  , I sing the song beautifully , the radio goes onto heart attack by demi lovato just as I pull into the studios parking lot , I get out of the car and I get slapped by the cold wind , I get my phone and hop out of the car , pulling my jacket closer to me , practically slam into the glass door trying to get In , Whonse in I take off my jacket and hang it on a hook , and I fix my pony tail and smooth out the top , I unlock the door with the words 'recording studio' I walk in , getting warm smiles from ed and Taylor , they both stand to hug me and I hug them tighter , and then Taylor says "Wow!Emma you look so different , even more beautiful even :)" she says pulling away and holding on to both of my hands , I blush and tell her the same and then I had Ed who as usual picks me pick and squeezes me tight until , I say "Stop" with a panicking squeal , he chuckles and puts me down , he goes over to the corner where the piano is and switches it onto the setting with the guitars sounds and plays a few notes before saying "Ok guys , im gonna play , and you guys just say whatever rhymes with the last word k?" He says excitedly , I smile and nod , Taylor does the same , and he squeents his eyes and starts to think of a tune and starts to play , I'm the first one to start singing "if my world is crashing down , if I fall to the floor hard . Will you come around and glue all the pieces together , will you , will you , will you , will you make all the wounds stop bleeding , will you acknowledge me when I talk to you , will you call me at midnight and tell me you love me , cause ILL do the same , Will you caring me away from , when enemy's areat my door , will you , will you , will you make me laugh at cornie jokes , will you take me to the carnival , don't tell me to stop , don't say words you don't mean , cause your world won't be the same , without me , a cheeky girl , who likes new things , I'm not your toy , I may be small but that doesn't mean fire doesn't burn hot in my soul , but when you're gone , I will mourn , I hate losing people , to the stupid things I say , but a new person comes around , all I will do is grown , don't talk to me my eyes say , but then oh! You come around and swipe me off my feet , and I'm like oh! I wish this never end  , I've never felt real love and you make me lively , at least I know love what love is , but when you say you don't believe in this thing called love , my heart breaks , breaks in 2 , I feel like I'm running after you , you never , ever acknowledge me  , but I am still , gonna run after you , and you talk to me now , you invite over , we eat snickers and then you say 5 words that break my heart 'you mean nothingto me' , and I walk out at mid night , and I remember how you laughed dryly in my face , when you were being so nice to me , i will never understand  ,you messed up boy , but Whonse you hear this song , will you think it's sweet , really neat , or really cheesy , will you , will you , Love me the same way I love you , will you , will you , will you , will you , Love me the same way?" I stop and and look around me  :) Taylor's mouth is half way open and ed eyes are wide and he is still playing the piano. I blush as I hear a deep British , raspy voice behind me say "Wooh!!!!! You're amazing!!" I turned around slowly and looking eyes with a boy with unmistakable green eyes.     

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