That One Tune

Emma Writes Songs With Her Friend Ed Sheeran , What Happens When One Boy Will Come To The Studio And Emma's Life. Read to find out :)

Copyrighted © Emma_Bear 2014


3. Big Mistake

   Harry grabs my hand and says "Why did you run away , Love?" I look down at the floor hair covering my face and I stutter to say "I...I have a boyfriend , and I....I just p.....panicked , I sorry , Harold :(" I look up and see his eyes turn a darker green and he lost his smile , he lets go of my hands and I run off , not that I don't like him , cause I do , I don't want to have what happened to me because of Jackson happen again , so I don't believe in the game of love , I have liked Harry since the 5th grade and I have known he has liked me to , but I'm not ready to have him


(Flash Back)i asked to teacher if I can use the bathroom , she says yes and so I go. I walk out and walk to the room with my backpack and see the classroom is emptie , I don't know if there out outside or in the gym , I think gym since its raining out side , I stopped by the stairs and that's when Harry came out of the bathroom and picks up his booking and smiles at me and I asked "Are they in the gym?l he nods and we race down the stairs and in the hallway of the gym , we pass our teacher , she says to head on into the gym , we say ok , and just as soon she's out of the hallway , since Harry is in front of me he turns around and looks straight at my face , I smile and then he smiles , as soon as we get into the gym he throws down his backpack and runs of to play basketball , I know he just did that to impress me , but I still think it's pretty sweet , I put my back over the wall and I walk over to my friends. (End of flash back)

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