Adventure in egypt

Mia and her friends find treasure at the hotel in Egypt. What will it lead to? Will there be a reward?


3. the terrific treasure

That morning Mia and her friends woke up tired and bored. They decided to go for a look around the Hotel they took the lift down to the bottom floor. It was empty. They saw something reflecting rays of sun by the doors. That went to go and see what it was. It was ancient treasure. They kept it. A secret from everybody else. They went back to there room.

It was finally time to go for lunch. Mia and her friends sat at a table and Mia and her crush kept looking at each other.

That went to the pool and Mia and her friends jumped in the warm pool. Mia remembered about the treasure and said to her friends " let's go and look at he treasure we found", and her friends agreed. They got out the pool and went back to there room.

When they were looking at the mysterious treasure it lit up and said "the bottom is at the top and the start is at the end". Mia's friends were mind-blanked.

Mia realised that there was a symbol in their bathroom that looked exactly like the symbol on the treasure. So they decided to go in the bathroom and look at that symbol. They placed the treasure on the tile and it opened and inside was a little box. Did that have the next piece of treasure in it?

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