Adventure in egypt

Mia and her friends find treasure at the hotel in Egypt. What will it lead to? Will there be a reward?


2. finally there

The landing was a horror story for Mia and her class mates as the wind was blowing uncontrolaubally.

It was a bumpy landing but everyone was ok. Everyone was tired. As they got a look around the hotel they where staying in Mia and her crush found out they where right opposite each other in rooms.

Mia saw the pyramids in the distance they looked roasting.

They went out onto he beach. They took off there shoes and walked along the sandy beach Whitchurch was scorching hot.

They got back just in time for tea Mia and her classmates were starving. Mia had roast chicken with rice and for pudding she had a chocolate mousse.

It was finally time for bed. Mia was she mattered and got on the bed and fell asleep. Mia shared her room with her best friends rhian, Jess and Abbie. They were all tired so they went to sleep.

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