Does He Know?

Winter Frazel has finished highschool. She is signing up for college and sees someone. She figures out all the rooms are full, she is stuck with Harry Styles. Will they work it out and be friends? Or something different?


10. Valentine's Day night with Niall

    We got out of the car. He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. He smacked his lips on mine. I heard noise but ignored it. I dropped my purse. I let his lips take conntrol of me. This is Niall and I think he kisses better then Harry...... Wait! No. "HEY!" Someone that sounds like Zayn yelled. I turned around and saw Zayn.

    I took a seat with Emily. Harry glared at me. I smirked at him. His finger tapped Emily's nose. She layed on top of him and kissed him. "NO KISSING IN HERE!" Liam yelled. I giggled. Harry grabbed Emily's hand. "Good night." I yelled waving at Emily. She smiled. The left and everyone cracked up. "She's so stupid." Niall whispered in my ear. "I know." I whispered back.

    All the guys got around me. Bethany, Liam's date sat beside me. Louis' date, a dog was on my lap. Zayn's date Jessica sat on the other side. "We know you aren't really dating." They all whispered. I smiled "I know, don't tell Harry though." They all smiled. "We won't." I'm glad I have a group of friends that don't tell. I went to bed after that.

   I woke up. I got out of bed and left the room. Harry was awake. Nobody else. "Hey." I said waving. "Have fun last night?" He asked. I glared at him. "No, did you?" He smirked. "Nope, she fell asleep while I was giving her a hickey." I laughed. "Wow." He smiles. "Your much better." I blushed. "Sorry, I'm taken." He frowned. "Um yea. I'm going back once Emily wakes up." I smiled. "When does Niall get up?" I asked. "Usually one." He smiled.

    'Dear Niall, thank you for the wonderful date. I left because I have classes today. I can't miss that. Call me later. Love you, Winter' I wrote. Emily walked out of the room. "Let's go Em." I looked at Harry. "Can you drive me back?" He nodded.

    We got back and I quickly got dressed and ran to class. I was the only one there. "One kid cares about their education." Mr. Thomas said. I smiled. "Did you go out Mr. Thomas?" I asked. He smiled. "Yes with my wife. Did you?" I smiled "Yes, with a friend." He nudged me. "'Friend'...." I smiled. "Nothing happened, I'm waiting until after college." "Smart Winter."

     Nobody else showed up so he said just go home. I did. I forgot my key... shit. I knocked on the door. Harry opened the door. "Why are you here?" I smiled "Class was canceled." He smiled. "Yay, stuck with you." I smirked. "Your just jealous that I can find someone quick."

    Well the asshole Harry left. Niall said he wanted to come over. Three knocks on the door. I opened it. "Hey" I said smiling. "Uhm, enjoy last night?" I blushed, "we didn't do anything." He smirked. "I know, but me and you" I walked towards him. I put my hands on his chest. "I'm sorry, but I can't fall for you yet." He smiled. "I understand" he put his hands on my hips. "I just don't want to get hurt, like when Harry told me we never actually were dating."

     Harry came back and I was sitting on my bed. "Hey." I said looking down my YouTube. Nothing really. Joey Graceffa posted a vlog. Harry stared outside. "What happened? You're not being rude, like usual." He turned around and saw me. "Emily.... she, broke up with me." I busted out laughing. I put my hand to my mouth. "Deserved it" I felt like saying but didn't.

     I got in pajamjams and looked at Harry in his boxers. "I loved her." I looked over at him. I saw tears in his eyes. "Harry, when you hurt me I cried." He looked at me confused. "You did?" I nodded. "Yes, a lot. You're feeling my pain." He came and sat by me. "I'm sorry" I smiled at hin. "All the girls you also hurt.... I bet the cried too." He touched the top of my hand. "You deserve it." He looked at me worried. "Every bit of sorrow." I got up and walked outside.

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