Does He Know?

Winter Frazel has finished highschool. She is signing up for college and sees someone. She figures out all the rooms are full, she is stuck with Harry Styles. Will they work it out and be friends? Or something different?


11. The Only Person that Cared about You

     I woke up to Harry crying. As usual sense Emily broke up with him. I smiled. "Good morning asshole" He smirked at me. "Shut up, I need her." I laughed. "Yea, sure. Remember when she fell asleep when you were trying to make me jealous?" He frowned at me. "She loved me though." I laughed again. "The only girl you've had for a while that really care about you was me. It was your mistake to break up with me." I got out of bed. "The person that doesn't just care about your looks."

    I walked outside and sat down. I got a call from Niall. "Hey" I said looking around. "Hi, um I found a true match.. We were just pretending right?" I smiled. "Yes, Niall. I'm very happy for you." I heard him smile. "Thanks, your next lova is Zayn" I laughed as he hung up.

    I walked back inside to Harry crying MORE! He walked toward me. "Will you date me again?" He asked. I frowned at him. "Go on the street you'll find a girl that wants to fuck in seconds" He smirked. "But I only want you!" I froze. "Harry! You hurt me!" I yelled. "But I'm sorry!" I turned around and looked at him. "I gave everything I love away, everything I had was yours."

    He kept on saying sorry. Geez, I wish it was Monday, for once in my life. "There's a party tonight." He said rubbing his eyes. "Yea, I might actually go alone." He turned around. "What about Niall?" I smirked. "I made you jealous didn't I?" He frowned. "Yes" He said under his breath. I smirked. "Good, I was joking, we were never a thing."

    He got dressed. I left the room because I don't want to see his nuts. He let me in and didn't leave when I had to change. What a douche. I got in a short dress that was cyan and white lacy tights, also black heels.

    "Wait? So you were lying all along?" He asked. "Yea, you fell for it." He chuckled and moved closer to me. "So your single?" I giggled and pushed him away. "Going to take a lot more then that Styles." He grabbed my waist. "Why, I know you enjoyed me and you."

    We got to the party and Harry was still flirting with me. Niall was with a girl. I walked over. "I'm Winter" I said smiling. "Hi, I'm Olivia" She said. I could tell she was a shy girl. "And I'm her boyfriend." Harry said winking. "Forget about it Curly."

    I found myself getting a drink of coke. Harry was behind me. He followed me all night! I turned around and looked at him.

    "Look! I know your depressed about Emily, but I'm not going to date you!" I yelled. Everyone turned and looked at Harry. "Emily broke up with you?" Zayn asked. Harry nodded shyly. "Yea, and I have no idea why." I giggled and walked away.

    I sat beside Liam as we did truth or dare. It was my turn. I had what I was going to do right on my mind.... "Harry, truth or dare?" He sighed. "Truth" Everyone gasps. "Okay, perfect." This was my chance. "Do you still like me?" Everyone laughed, and yelled yes he does. "I never stopped."

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