Does He Know?

Winter Frazel has finished highschool. She is signing up for college and sees someone. She figures out all the rooms are full, she is stuck with Harry Styles. Will they work it out and be friends? Or something different?


6. The Guys!

    I woke up thank god we don't have school today. I looked at Harry. He was asleep. I smiled and got up. I got in my journal and wrote a note. 'I want to thank you for the coffee, brb.' I signed it with my name. Then a smiley face. I got out of the door and walked to the coffee shop.

    "Thank you." I grabbed the coffees and walked back to the room. I was greeted by a friend from high school. We chat then I had to go. I didn't want to get there and the coffees be chill. I opened the door and was smiled at by a monster. With green eyes. "Hi." Harry said yawning. I smiled. "Well good morning." I handed him the coffee. "Thanks."

    School is tomorrow. WHY! I hate it just like high school. But I have to do it. I grabbed my books and studied. Harry poked my back. "GUH! Oh, what." I hate when people do that. "Hahahahahahahahaha." He laughed. "Shut up." He spun my rolly chair. "Hi." I said smiling. "Hey." He smiled. I grabbed his hand as he held it out. He kissed my lips gently.

    He turned on some music with his phone. He turned on Selfies. I smiled. "Takin pictures of myself self self!" I sang. "Takin pictures of myself!" I was having fun. "Taking pictures of myself! Takin pictures of myself! Takin pictures of myself!" Harry smiled and stared at me with my terrible dance moves.

    I got up and got dressed. I WILL NOT CHANGE IN FRONT OF HARRY. I made my choice about dat. He was asleep anyway. I opened the closet and it was full. Clothes, suitcases, bags. EVERYTHING! I whined. I went by my bed and took off my shirt, I put another on very quickly. I took off my pants. Why did I choose to wear a thong? Harry laughed. "I like dat booty!" He yelled. Shit. Bull shit. I grabbed pants and put them on my quicker then I have ever.

    He got up and walked over to me. I had my books scattered all over my desk. I sighed. He spun the spinny chair around. "Get up." He demanded. I stood up and looked at his lips. Trying not to make him notice. He smiled. "You can't help yourself." He said pushing me against the wall. I looked away. I didn't want to see him and blush.

    His face was breathing like a inch away from me. He slammed his body against mine. His lips connected to mine. I felt a zap go through my body when he slammed on me. I almost forgot about school. I whispered in his ear. "School, I have to go." He smirked. "Sorry you're sick today." I was freaking out. I didn't even want him to do this.

    The door opened and it was Zayn. Me and Harry were texting not wanting anyone to hear us talking. He smiled and texted me again. 'lol tonight..... (;" I blushed. "fine winky face back to you!" He smiled as he read it. "Uh guys?" Zayn asked. I smiled at Harry.

    "Zayn, what do you need? Why are you here?" I asked. "Just came to say that we don't have school for the rest of the week." I smiled. "rest of the week (;" it was from Harry. Zayn smiled. "Oh!" He yelled. "I know what's going on here!" I smiled. "What?" He took his shirt and showed his shoulder. "Mmm you want this?" I cracked up.

     Zayn left and Harry attacked me. His lips hungerly kissed me. I moaned quietly. He smiled. "I know I could make you do that." He whispered. I giggled. A buzzing noise came from Harry's side of the room. It was his phone. He smiled. "One minute." He walked over to his bed. He smiled. "Party tonight!" He said smiling. "I want to go!" I yelled. He smiled "Ok." Then he went back to kissing my neck.

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