Does He Know?

Winter Frazel has finished highschool. She is signing up for college and sees someone. She figures out all the rooms are full, she is stuck with Harry Styles. Will they work it out and be friends? Or something different?


3. Stop Doing That

    I woke up and found myself with a guy across from me. Then I realized it was just Harry. He was awake on his phone. He laughed. "Come see this." He said looking at me. I walked over and realized he was in only his boxers. I looked at the picture and it wasn't that funny. It said, 'kiss me again'. I looked at his face and his lips touched mine.

    He dropped his phone and grabbed me. He pulled me on top of him. He wrapped his arms around my hips. His lips are so, kissable. I remembered Jack. He sat up and my legs were around him. Harry is so..... Wait what am I thinking? I have Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. Jack. His lips! Harry is so sexy! He let go of our kiss and stared at me. "Does he know you can kiss like that?" Harry asked. "Jack?" I asked. "Yes." He said smiling. "No."

    His lips smashed onto mine again. I didn't stop. I can't! Then I thought of Jack's reaction. I pushed Harry away and laid on my bed. "Sorry." I said mad at myself. "I have a boyfriend." I said under my breath. Harry smiled. "And who may that be?" He asked. "You know who." He smiled. "I wish it was me." He said. I blushed.

    Harry left to go see the guys. I stayed at the dorm room. I called Jack. "Hey Jack call me back, bye." I said hanging up. I turned on netflix and saw a text on my phone. 'thinking of u' it was from Harry. I sighed. Jack soon called me back. "Hey." He said. "What did you do?" I asked. He was panting. "Jack." I said about to cry. "Since your in college I ran a mile." He said and I could tell he was smiling. Soon the door opened. "Hey Winter." Harry said. "Hey." I said back.

    Me and Jack talked for another, five minutes maybe? I looked over at Harry. "School starts tomorrow." He said sighing. "Yep." I looked in my bag to see if everything was ready. I turned around and bumped into Harry again. "Sorry." I said pulling my hair out of my face. "Hey, don't worry about it." He said grabbing my hips.

    He turned me around and looked into my green eyes. "Tell me you like me." He said smiling. "Harry-" He cut me off by his lips on mine. "I have a boyfriend, you're the one who wants to kiss me." I said looking at him. "Can we dial it down?" I looked in his eyes. "Yea," He said sadly. "tell me when your ready." I smiled.

   Harry the one I want. STOP WINTER. JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK! I laid in bed to silence. We usually talk. But, I told him. I do like him. I do. The world around me.... this world. I texted Harry. 'cant sleep.' I saw him smile. 'me 2' I smile. 'sorry of wut i said 2 u. i like u, dont tell jack.' He walked over to my bed and kissed my cheek. "I like you too."

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