Does He Know?

Winter Frazel has finished highschool. She is signing up for college and sees someone. She figures out all the rooms are full, she is stuck with Harry Styles. Will they work it out and be friends? Or something different?


7. Own Room?

    I put my hair up and added some make-up. Harry hugged my back. I smiled. "Let's go, it's nine." I smiled. "Fine." We got out of the room and I saw a lady walking toward me. "Winter Frazel?" She asked. "Um yes?" I said coughing. "We got you your own room!" I frowned. "Oh." Harry looked over at me. "I was just taking her to the doctor's." Harry said smiling. "GOT IT BITCH!" I heard, I looked over and saw a girl carrying a key. "Oh um never mind."

    We got in the car and I smiled. "That was close." He smiled back at me. "Yep, now let's go get that med." He winked. "I feel terrible!" We drove to the dorms. Once we got there we were greeted with everyone smiling.

    I got out of the car and Zayn walked over to me. "Hey." I frowned as I looked around. "Where's Autumn?" I asked. I ran inside. "Autumn?" I yelled. Niall walked inside. I looked at him sadly. "Where's Autumn?" I asked again. "She couldn't make it." I frowned. "NO!" Harry came behind me. "So....?" He said smiling.

    The party crowded up soon. And I mean soon. Truth or dare started up again. I guess they do this at every party? I don't know. Zayn looked over at me and smiled. "ATTENTION!" He yelled. Everyone looked up at him. "Winter is one of us now!" He yelled and grabbed my hand. I stood up. "Um, kay?" Then we sat down and did the rest of the game.

    I checked my phone and it was four am. Almost everyone was passed out drunk. Me, Harry, and Zayn weren't though. I didn't feel like drinking tonight though. Neither did Harry But Zayn was, not much though....

    The moon was down and the campus police would be around. If we left then they would look at us and all that shit. "Uhm, is there a room here?" I asked Zayn. "Yea but only two so two of us would have to share a room." I looked at the floor. "Dibs." Zayn walked to a emty room and I saw the door lock. Of course... why couldn't Zayn and Harry share a room?

    I walked into the room being followed. Harry shut the door and locked it. I have to stay in the same room with him all the time why can't he stay in a room with Zayn? Harry started taking off his skinny jeans and boots, then his shirt. My eyes were on Harry's butterfly. I never saw that.... "I didn't know you have a butterlfy tattoo." I said smiling. "Well now you do." He stared at me. "You aren't going to sleep in that, are you?" I smiled.

     He handed me his shirt and smiled. "It's not like I haven't seen you naked." I giggled. "You've seen my buns not anything else." He smiled. "Can I see more?" I blushed. I tossed back his tee shirt. "I'm wearing a tee." I smiled. He sat his shirt down. "Thought you might want a longer one." The shirt I was wearing showed some of my stomach. I grabbed his shirt. "Fine." He smiled. "Yea, thought so."

     Harry was wearing his boxers and I was wearing a tee shirt, bra, and underwear. I got in bed and Harry sat on his. "Why is mine so hard?" He whispered. I got up and sat on it. "Oh wow, drama queen." I smiled and sat on mine. He walked over and sat on my bed. "So soft." I smiled. "You can sleep on this one, I'll sleep on that one." He smiled and felt the bed. "This one's hard too." I looked at him. "Good night."

     "My bed's cold." He said pretending to be cold. "Can I sleep in that bed?" I pretended like I was asleep. "I guess that's a yes?" He layed beside me. He got comfortable then he whispered something in my ear. "I love you." I moved a little then had a plan.

    I was going to karate chop him and yell "perv"! It was perfect. Then I thought. If he loves me..... I shouldn't. Then I heard his phone ring. "Uh, hello?" He said quietly. "Oh, hey babe." I opened my eyes. "Oh nothing." He was smiling I could tell by the way he was talking. "Yea, sure come over tomorrow, I'm free at four." He was laughing. "Ok love you, bye."


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