Does He Know?

Winter Frazel has finished highschool. She is signing up for college and sees someone. She figures out all the rooms are full, she is stuck with Harry Styles. Will they work it out and be friends? Or something different?


5. Harry and Me?

    "Who do you think you fucking are?" I yelled while on the phone. "Put it on speaker phone Jack!" I yelled. "Fine." he pressed some buttons and I heard a voice. "Babe who are you talking to?" A girl asked. "Yea! His ex girlfriend!" I yelled. "Dump his sorry ass!" I yelled at her. "Fuck you Jack!" I yelled. He is such a asshole!

    I hung up and looked at Harry. "Can we go back?" I asked. "Yea, I'm ready too." We got up and walked outside. We got in the car and drove to campus. We got there and I grabbed some pjs and went to change. I got out of the closet and Harry was sitting on his bed looking at the floor. I got in bed and tried to fall asleep.

    I woke up to a emty bed beside me. I got up and looked at his bed. 'going to get us coffee' I smiled. I turned around and saw a door open. "Oh. Hi." I said sitting down on my bed. He handed me a cup. "Thanks." He sat on his bed. I drank it. It was sour since the vodka I had last night. But I still drank it.  "I gotta study today." I said getting the books out of my bag.

    I was on the computer on twitter. I looked up and saw Harry on his phone. "You know you have to study." I said smiling at him. "Why? I get good grades without doing anything with books." I smiled. I'm taking a break. Do you want to get something to eat?" I asked. "Yea, sure." He stood up and grabbed my hand. I took my hand away from him.

    We went to eat at McDonalds. Where I rarely eat. We got back laughing about a kid that sneezed on another in class. I opened the door and saw Jack. "Why the fuck are you here?" I yelled. "I said sorry!" He yelled back. "And I said fuck you!" I yelled madly. "You already cheated on me! You fucked her!" I yelled, he was quiet. "Get out." Harry said. "So, what are you going to do about it?" Jack said. "Get, the, fuck, out, of, here." I said. He nudged me hard and walked out of the room.

    I sat on my bed freaking out. "Why is he doing that?" I said under my breath. Harry stared at me. I looked up at him. "He fucked another girl then wanted me to forgive him." I told Harry. "What is wrong with him?" I said and looked at Harry. "I don't know because I'm a girl but would you do what he did?" I questioned him. "No."

    He came by me. He sat on my bed. He smiled at me and grabbed my hand. I looked at him. Why is he doing this? He grabbed my chin. He faced it to him. He pulled it toward him slowly. My lips and his connected. It was a small kiss. That's good because I am not in the mood. He must know that. Our lips disconnected. I blushed and looked down.

    I can't believe he just did that. But I mostly can't believe I  liked it! Oh my god what has been happening with me? WTF IS WRONG WITH ME? To get my mind off of it I went to bed.

    I woke up to Harry hitting me. "Get up." He said. "Get up." He yelled. "Get up!" I opened my eyes and smiled. "Why?" I asked. "We got a party call and I don't want to go alone." I smiled. "Baby." I teased him. "Please?" He begged. "Fine. If you tell me why you kissed me." I smiled at him. "Eh, because....." He said. "I like you." I felt my cheeks blush more then normal. "Now tell me if you liked it." He said. BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH. "Uh..." I was blushing like crazy! "Uh, um, eh, yes." I looked down. "Be my girlfriend then!" He suggested. "Fine, but nobody can know because we will get different rooms."

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