Does He Know?

Winter Frazel has finished highschool. She is signing up for college and sees someone. She figures out all the rooms are full, she is stuck with Harry Styles. Will they work it out and be friends? Or something different?


8. Fighting

    I acted normal and slept. I woke up and got out of the bed. I put on my clothes. I put Harry's beside him. I found a note pad and wrote a note. 'Harry- I am going back to the room, I have to go see my mom. Don't worry about me, I will be back at three. Bye!' I signed my name and left the room. I walked out and saw Louis. "Hey." I smiled and said quietly. "Hi."

   I got in Harry's car. Oh damn-it! I forgot to put that on the note. I texted him. 'also i'm driving your car to campus.' I turned the music on and drove to the campus. I lied on the note. I'm going to see my best friend, Anna. Me and her are super close and always help.

    I got out of Harry's car and got in mine. I drove to her house. My cell phone rang. "Hello?" I asked turning the wheel. "Winter? Where are you?" It was Harry. "Don't worry about it read the note." I smiled. "I did." I was puzzled. "Why did you call me then?" He laughed. "I wanted to make sure you're ok." I smiled. "Thanks bye." I kept driving then reached Anna's house.

   I knocked on the door. Anna walked to the door then saw me. She opened the door and hugged me. "Winnie!" She pulled me inside. "Ok, what happened now?" I smiled. "Um my roomate is a guy, named Harry." She smiled. "Last night we went to a party then he got in bed with me." She stood up. "WINTER!" She yelled. "No, no, not that." She was confused. "He answered his phone and it was somebody, he said he loved them." She smiled. "It could be his mom." I smiled. "No he called them babe." She frowned.

    I left the house and drove to the room. I opened the door and saw Harry getting ready. "Hey, what are you getting ready for?" I asked. "My friend is coming over." I smiled. "Who are they?" He smiled and looked at me. "You ask too many questions." I frowned. "I just want to know who the fuck they are!" I yelled. He stood up and came towards me.

    "You know we were never a it." I looked at his face. "My girlfriend is coming over." I was mad. "The one you call babe?" He looked at me puzzled. "How do you know?" I looked at the window as my eyes watered. "Last night, I was awake." He hugged me. "Why did you do everything to me then?" At this point I was crying.

     The door opened and I saw a girl who was pretty. She saw me. "Harry who the fuck is this?" I sat down at my desk. "My roomate." She ran to him. "I missed you." She hugged him. I opened the door and walked out. I closed the door and slid my back on it. I put my hands over my eyes. I didn't care about anything.

    I pulled out my phone. 'hey nini can u come get me?' I cried and sat my phone down. I heard running. I looked up and saw Niall. He sat beisde me. "What happened?" I looked up at him. "Take me away from here." I stood up and we got in his car.

    He drove me to his place. "So, what happened?" I looked at him. "Don't tell anyone, Harry and me were 'dating'." He looked at me confused. "He said he loved me, last night I heard him talkig to someone. He had my hand. "This girl walked into the room. Before that he said we never were dating." He hugged me. We walked inside.

    On the couch was Autumn. She ran to me. "Winter!" I had to explain the story again to her. I didn't mind though. I remembered that I had school tomorrow. It was seven already. I texted Harry. 'im coming back to the room.' I wanted to make sure I didn't walk into them doing something. Niall was driving me back.

    Once I got to the dorm I knocked on the door. Harry opened it. I noticed the girl wasn't there. "Hey." Harry said quietly. I didn't respond. "Talk to me." I looked at him. He'd noticed my tears. He moved towards me. I stuck out my hand so he wouldn't move any closer. "I came to college to graduate, not to be comforted by a jerk." He frowned. "Fine." This is how it should be. A single girl with a guy dating. I was once dating. Oh Jack, I'm sorry.

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