The raid on Northfield bank

You have to read it to find out what happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. The finl part

"Hello" I said

"Yes, who's this?" Rhys asked

"It's me Mark!" I replied hoping he would remember me

"Oh yes, how may I help you?" Rhys questioned

"One of the robbers are at the bank!" I whispered

"I'm on my way" Rhys said right away

Rhys hanged up.

Rhys was already there with me after only five minutes of the phone call. He arrested the robber and he went straight to prison. They found the other two robbers hiding in an abandoned shed five-hundred yards away from the bank.

"Can you please give all of the witnesses a thank you for all their help" Rhys asked.

"Yeah shore thing" I repied


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