The raid on Northfield bank

You have to read it to find out what happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. The detective

 I took all of the witnesses back to my house until detective Rhys Ryan came to the scene. The detective was there within twenty minutes. I showed him into the bank and he asked me to leave. I went to prepare the witnesses for a talk with the detective. I made my way to the van to share what I saw with the police.

"Well, I saw three men walk into the bank and one of the men stood outside, while the other two went in." I said

"Do you remember anything else?" asked detective Rhys Ryan.

"No not right now, but if I do I'll give you a ring." I replied

As the day went on, I went about the day like normal. Then before I could get inside my house I looked over at the bank and I saw someone who I recognised, but couldn't remember where from. Then it hit me! It was one of the robbers. I grabbed my phone and called the detective.  

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