The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


11. The workout

With Star being awake it made her team happy cause they knew that they didn’t have to find someone that would be as supportive and helpful as she was, Dean was happy cause he knew Star would make it.


Sitting in the background of the raw stadium was Kelly cursing when she saw Star walk in with the shield, as the shield headed to the ring with star in toe and her clinging on to Roman’s arm cause she knew that she was safe with him and he was the only one that would protect her.


As she looks round she sees all the WWE universe on the feet cheering her cause they had missed her, being as she was gone for so long the authority was thinking even hoping that Star wouldn’t return then maybe The Shield would lose every match and split up.


When they seen her in the ring they interrupted The Shield just as they where about to say something,

“What the hell is she doing back here I thought you said she might be out for a while”

Said Stephanie and Roman replied

“Well what’s your problem Stephanie didn’t you want her back why is it cause when she is with us we always win”

Looking back on the times it was always Star that helped them to win.


As the time goes on Star walks back still holding on to Roman’s hand as they head back to the condo they have all brought in Louisiana, in the condo they all have their own rooms connected to their own bathrooms.


As it hits morning Star and Roman are the first two up and out and doing their daily work out which included, running, swimming and weights just to keep them selves in shape.


Just after Roma and Star started their work out Dean and Seth come down the stars and joined in they had to do the same workout just to keep their selves fit.


As Dean joined Star was watching the three from behind as she had done most of hers before Dean and Seth joined Roman was on the weights trying to impress Star as he was lifting 25 kg’s at a time.

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