The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


7. The truth of star's love

After Star reveals the truth of where her heart really lies Roman gets up and walks out the room, just as Star realized what she said she tried to walk after Roman and say sorry but she fails and she tries to shout for him to come back but Roman don’t listen.


As Star starts to cry Dean and Seth hug her but Seth walks off and grabs Roman and drags him back to the room and says

“Look Roman just cause her heart lies with Dean don’t mean you cant be there for her when she needs you, at the end of the day she is still our girl and will still need help if me and Dean are not there”

As Roman looks at star and sees her crying he feels bad for walking out on her so he cuddles on to Star, while he is crying Star cuddles on to him.


Dean looks at Star and he smiles at her cause he knew he had finally got the girl of his dreams, Star then looks at Seth and says

“Thanks for the help Seth but you had a really good point at the end of the day I am still the shields girl and I will still need the help and support even if you and Dean are not there, I know I have hurt Roman and I didn’t mean to but as the saying goes you cant help who you fall in love with.”


Watching Roman break down in tears was Randy Orton but what Randy didn’t know was that Star had seen him, so what star did was looked at Roman and said

“I’ll be back in a minute I promise”

With that said Star gave Dean a kiss then she went after Randy but the one problem was Star didn’t return so Dean said

“I’ll be back in a minute”

But Roman turned round and said to dean

“No I’ll go cause at the end of the day I hurt her and she needs to know I’m sorry and Dean before you say it I know she is your girl know”

As Roman leaves the room and heads to Star he sees that Randy wasn’t alone and he sees Kelly Kelly standing over Star’s unconscious body as he runs to Star Kelly runs off and Roman picks up Star and takes her back to the hotel room.


With Star in his arms Roman walks back in to the room and lays Star on the bed, with Dean, Seth and Roman protecting her Star knew that from now on no one would ever hurt her again.

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