The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


12. The truth of star

As Dean joins the work out he spots Star talking to Roman, so Dean decides to change his plans and thinks about asking Star to marry him but he don’t know if her heart really lies with him or if she still loves Roman.


As Seth looked over at Dean he was fumbling with something in his pocket

“Dean what are you doing”

Seth asked

“I’m thinking of asking Star to marry me but I am not sure if her heart really lies with me or with Roman”

Dean replied still not sure Seth looked round and sees Star and Roman and he sees them laughing and joking like they where when they all first met

“Look Dean your best bet would be to let her be with Roman cause the first love is always the best and can never be beat”

Seth replied.


As dean looked back at Roman he seen Star on the weights and Roman place his hands over hers and help her with the weights, even though dean didn’t like Roman touching his girl he knows that he has to let Star go and be with the guy she really loves.


Dean knew that she is better off with Roman cause Roman can protect her in a way that he couldn’t being as Roman is stronger and taller than he is, in a match Roman can always be there and KO any one who tries to distract Star.


As it hits the next day all three members of the team had their separate matches Seth was against John Cena, Dean was against Brock Lesner and Roman was against Daniel Bryan but Dean knew that Star would be at ringside for their matches and she would probably show who she really loves then.


As the first match starts its Seth against John Cena but the crowd thought that Seth’s undefeated streak would be defeated but it turned out that one third of team shield had won their match, next up was Dean against Brock Lesner and he lost to him cause Brock did the F5 on him which knocked Dean out there and then for the one, two, three, count on the pin so Dean lost the match and the crowd jumped up and cheered, next up was Roman against Daniel Bryan the crowd where thinking that Star still loved Dean but as soon as Roman won his match Star ran straight to Roman and kissed him, as Dean seen the kiss he knew that her heart really did lie with Roman Reigns not him and Seth turned to dean and said

“I told you the first love is always the best plus I think that she is better off with Roman than a person with a big ego like you.”


Star sees Dean crying and Seth laughing cause his theory of true love was right like he said Dean has a big ego and the one thing Star hated was people with big Ego’s like Dean had, the only thing she loved was people that she knew could protect her just like Roman could and she knew that Roman would always be there for her not leave her there like Dean did after she lost to Kaitlyn, if only she had of known that Dean would have done this to her from the start maybe she would of stayed where she knew she was better off and that was with the powerhouse of The Shield Roman Reigns cause she knew he loved her.


Just as The Shield head back to the hotel Dean walks in to his room and spots Star packing her cloths and toiletries and shouts

“Oh so it is true then you heart don’t lie with me it lies with Roman Reigns what is it Star why did you do this I was going to ask you to marry me”

Star looks directly at Dean and replies

“No Dean you turned your back on me when I needed you most and you chose to be the one thing I hate plus I know that Roman really does love me and that he wasn’t just using me to become the new wwe world heavy weight champion”

Being as dean don’t like what Star is saying to him so he hits her and the worst thing was Roman heard the whole thing and runs to Stars protection

“Dean I thought you would have learnt by now not to hit a woman my little Star has done nothing wrong but speak the truth and be with me the one guy she has ever loved”

Roman says in Star’s defense.

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