The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


4. the start of new love for dean and star

As the morning hits after the six-man tag Roman realizes that Star didn’t come home last night and neither did Dean, as he heads down stairs of the hotel he realizes that his girlfriend and Dean had been drinking celebrating the win over the Wyatt Family.


When Star looks round she sees Roman stood there so she gives him a drunken smile then looks back at Dean and carries on drinking and talking about what they where doing or planning to do.


As the time comes to leave New York City and head to the next destination which is New Orleans Louisiana for the next pay per view which will be Wrestlemania XXX but before all that come in they have to go through four weeks of fights in Smackdown, Raw and superstars.


As the first night in Louisiana hits Roman and Star had a mixed tag team match against Batista and Aj Lee, as the match starts Roman and Star come from the crowd with Dean and Seth, as Batista’s music starts to play the crowd go wild when they seen him walk down to the ring with Aj Lee on his arm.


As the match starts it’s Star and Aj that start things off but as soon as Aj see’s Star running towards her she tags in Batista so Star runs and tags in her partner Roman Reigns, as the match kicks in to motion Roman’s first move is the Samoan drop and he plants Batista right on his back, the crowd can see that this match is going to be a short one, as Batista tags in Aj Roman tags in Star and says

“Finish her baby like I know you can,”

Watching from the outside of the ring and hoping Star can do it and calling her baby under his breath was Dean and every time Aj got a move on star he wanted to get in the ring and take Aj and Batista down.

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