The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


3. the start of a long fight

As it hit’s early morning in New York City Seth and Dean called it a night and headed back to their rooms after losing a drinking game with the other guests, in the mean time Roman Reigns and Star where asleep in their room.


Waiting for the shield to meet him down stairs was Tripple H not realizing that Dean and Seth haddent got to bed till 3 in the morning, as Tripple H looked behind him he seen Roman Reigns and Star in the dining room having breakfast so he walked over to them and said

“Morning how are you both this morning” as the time carried on H waited and waited for the rest of the team to meet him but they didn’t show.


As it hit mid afternoon Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins wake up and head down stairs to meet Roman and Star but the fall back was they where supposed to have a meeting with Tripple H but cause they where up so late they had forgot about it.


As Dean, Seth and Roman head to Smackdown for their three way tag team match against the Wyatt family hoping they don’t lose was Roman’s girlfriend Star she would always stand by her team and her man.


As the shields music starts Dean is the first to walk from the crowd followed by Seth then the last of them to walk down with his girl was Roman, as the match starts it was Seth in first for the shield and Luke Harper for the Wyatt’s with Star at ring side cheering on her team and getting the crowd to cheer the hound of justice on.

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