The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


13. The day after

Just as Dean ran off after hurting Star and having Roman telling him not to hit women, after Seth seen Dean run off and he wondered why and that when he seen Star on the floor bleeding from her mouth and nose after he seen that he figured that Dean had belted her one and Roman had had him about it.


Just as Seth went to run after Dean to smack him Roman stopped him and said

“No Seth leave him we are way better off without him plus we need to get Star to the hospital to see how much damage dean has done”

As Seth looks back at her he nods his head and says

“Lets go we will deal with Dean once we found out what damage he has done to our girl”

As they all jumped in to the car Seth is Driving and Roman and Star are in the back being as he is trying to cuddle up with her to keep he still and keep her calm till they got to the hospital.


As they hit the hospital they all head in to the hospital all the patients look and seen two members of the shield and their girl so they all said to the receptionist

“Let them go straight through do you know who they are”

As the receptionist ignores the patients she asks for the names of the three of them and the relationship to the patient

“What are your names and your relationship to the patient”?

As Roman and Seth looked at each other and replied to the receptionist

“I am Roman Reigns this is my girlfriend Star Reby Sky and this is Stars brother Seth Rollins”

As the receptionist tells them to go and sit down Roman and Seth both say to the receptionist

“Hello you do know that we are all wrestlers and if you don’t get her seen to know we will hurt you.”


As Dean gets back to his hotel room he sees no Seth, no Roman and no Star so he tries to ring Roman and gets no answer and then he tries to ring Seth and gets no answer again so he tries to ring Star gets an answer but gets told to leave her the hell alone.

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