The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


10. Six Months Later

Its been six months since Star first met her one true love Dean and met the team she always wanted to support, the only way Star is ever happy is when she is in Dean’s arms and around the team she always wanted to help.


Knowing she had got the man of her dreams made Star a very happy girl thinking that they could get married some time in the future and probably have a family of their own one day.


As it is new love to Star and due to the fact she has never felt this way about any one in her life she found it all very exciting and very new she never knew she could lose her heart so quick to one guy.


Star had given her heart to Dean and he had done the same as her, he was so in love with Star not even Seth and Roman could believe that it was possible for Dean to love one girl.


Keeping up with Dean’s love interests was like keeping up with Dean’s injuries, but they had never seen him this in love since they knew him.

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