The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


16. Sisters at first

As Roman and Star left the doctors she looked back and waved goodbye to her sister Mia Louise Sky and Roman just nodded in respect to say bye then he turned to Star and said

“Come on baby lets get you to the chemist then home so you can get some rest”

As Star looks back at Roman and says in reply

“Ok baby you really think I need the rest then I will do it for you babe and for the team as you might need me tomorrow”

As Roman looked at Star and he was surprised she remembered that they had a match tomorrow.


As they hit the chemist Roman runs in to get Star’s painkillers with her still sat in the car she spots her sister yet again so she wind’s the window down and shouts

“Mia come here a sec”

As Mia looked round she spots Star sat in the car holding her jaw cause it was hurting so much

“Hey Star you ok how you been and I seen you in the doctors with a nice young man who is he?”

As Star looks back at Mia and replies

“Yeah I am fine and I been good and the nice young man is my boyfriend Roman Reigns he is a wwe superstar as I am a wwe diva that’s why I am known as the shield girl because I am dating Roman Reigns”

As Mia looks back she sees Roman walking back to the car and says

“Look Star I got to go back to work I will come and see you fight one night just let me know and send me some tickets may be I will see your team fight and you stood with them and I will be ring side, and I am hoping one day I will get to meet your boyfriend when I am not busy and maybe I might meet your team too any way got to go bye”

Just as Star looked at Roman walking back then went to say bye to her sister Mia had already gone.

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