The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


1. love is in the air

One night the shield where resting in their hotel before they had their separate matches, Dean Ambrose had a shot for the united states championship, Seth Rollins had a shot at The Rock for the intercontinental championship, and Roman Reigns had a shot for the WWE world heavy weight championship.


As they left the hotel Roman Reigns spotted this nice young girl she was no older the 24 looking for the entrance to the backstage area of raw as she looked back she seen Roman Reigns and smiled so he walked over to her and introduced him self “hi I’m Roman Reigns” he said with a slight smile, she looked back at him with a grin and replied “nice to meet you Roman my name is Star”.


Watching Roman having a laugh and a joke with the nice young girl was Dean and Seth wondering why he hadn’t come back to them yet, as Roman looked over at his two friends and waved them over to come and meet the young lady, “Seth, Dean I would like you to meet Star she’s a WWE diva she’s like us cant find the entrance to the backstage” Roman shouts to his team as they walk over that’s when Roman and Seth spot Dean grinning.


Seth, Roman and Star all look at Dean and think why is he grinning for what does he know that we don’t or is he just laughing cause he has spotted where we all need to be and not told us hoping that we will miss our match so he can say he is the power house of the shield, watching Dean from a distance is CM Punk wondering why he isn’t helping his friends get to their match.


The only thing Star hasn’t told any of the shield is that she is already the women’s champion and that she is in a match tonight against Aj Lee for the divas championship she will wait till they watch her from backstage.


As they enter the arena Star gives Roman a peck on the cheek to say thanks and goodbye for now and she just nods in respect to Dean and Seth.


As the night goes on Dean has won his match against punk to become the new United States champion and Seth has won his against The Rock to become the new intercontinental champion the only one left to fight is Roman but before he can fight he spots Star getting ready for her match to be precise she was stood at the stage entrance waiting to go on, as star leaves Roman is watching her in the match and notices they are not so different with move set or style and he watches her win her match with the modern day spear and thinks to himself this girl is the woman of my dreams.


As Roman waits for his shot at Randy Orton but watching from the crowd with both her titles was Star hoping that he could beat Randy but with Triple h kissing the ground that Randy walks on she knew that the chances of Roman winning wasn’t that great, at the end of the night all three members of the shield walked out with their titles along with Star being as they all met up at the entrance.


“Star you want to come out and celebrate the wins with us” the shield asked “yeah sure why not” Star replied. 

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