The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


9. Life or Death

As the night goes on Dean, Roman and Seth where still awake watching over Star, not knowing if she would come round in time for the mixed tag team match witch she has, HHH knew that if he put the two powerhouses of the shield which is Star and Roman against the two powerhouses of the Wyatt’s which is Eric Rowan and Kaitlyn that it would be the best match that the WWE universe would want to see.


As it comes down to the final night before the match no one knew if Star was ok or not with the only three people knowing was The Shield and they had turned up at the stadium to deliver some bad news well all did but Dean he stayed next to Star just in case she come round,

“Look guys I am sorry to say this but it looks like the fight between Star and me VS Eric Rowan and Kaitlyn will not be going ahead, as you can see there are only me and Seth in the ring as Dean is staying by Stars side”

Roman said feeling really upset.


Cause what the crowd had heard they where all shouting

“get well soon Star we all miss you,”

the people that where happy that Star couldn’t return for a while was Kelly and Randy being as they where the reason that Star couldn’t return but they also knew that if Dean ever found out he would probably knock out Randy for getting his precious girlfriend Kelly to hurt his.

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