The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


8. Elimination Chamber

As the next day come it was time for the Elimination Chamber where the shield vs. the Wyatt’s and Star vs. Aj lee.


As the shield’s music start crowd realizes that star is walking down with dean not roman and but they still cheered the team.


The next team to enter was the Wyatt’s and all the crowed booed them cause they wanted team shield to win.


Watching Seth start things off and getting the crowd behind him was Star, she always knew how to get the crowd behind the shield and behind Dean when they needed to be.


As Dean uses the clothesline to get Bray Wyatt over the barricade and in to the crowd as Star watched her man go in to the crowd and seen Bray do the sister Abigail on her man so she ran straight to Dean and picked him up and took him to the back stage area then as she looks on the screen she sees Bray doing the sister Abigail on Roman and she also sees Seth on the floor.


After the match had ended she ran down the ramp and hit all three members of the Wyatt family over the head with a chair and ran straight to Roman and Seth to get them back stage as well.


As soon as she got them all back together she seen Dean was wide awake so she ran straight to him and gave him a big kiss and said while crying

“I thought I lost you as soon as I seen what that evil man did I ran straight to you”


As match kicks in its Star vs. Aj lee as Aj’s music kicks and the crowd go wild cause she is being supported by Batista, then the next one to kick in was the shield’s music started to play the crowd knew that Star was coming down and she was being supported by the one and only Dean Ambrose.


As the match gets under way Aj aims straight for Star’s bad leg and takes her down as Batista shouts end her Aj Dean runs round and starts a fight with Batista which distracts Aj and helps star pick up the win, as things go the crowd could see that star and dean made a great couple.

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