The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


14. Bad News

As Star went in to see the doctor to get the x ray to see what damage Dean had done to her the doctor asked Roman and Seth a question

“What relation are you two to the patient”

As Roman replied

“I am her boyfriend”

Then Seth answered

“I am her brother”

When the doctor looked at the name he seen it said Star Reby Rollins and her ID said the same but what the doctor didn’t know was the identification was a fake just to make the hospital think that Seth was her brother.


As she has the x-ray the suspicions of Roman and Seth had come true she had a broken nose and a broken jaw, which meant she couldn’t fight for another 8-10 weeks not till, she had healed properly the only thing she could do was support her team and her man even though she knew being there was a even bigger risk to her health than supporting the shield.


As they leave the hospital Dean is waiting out side for them but as he sees Star with her nose in plaster and her jaw wired shut he knew he had done wrong so he ran off but with Roman on his tale he knew he wouldn’t get far so he turned round and accepted the punch from Roman.


As it come to nighttime Roman and Seth knew that star wouldn’t be able to sleep because of all the pain she would be in after having to have her jaw wired shut and he nose plastered just to help it heal, the only thing Star didn’t like was the fact she couldn’t fight.


As Star and The Shield get into the Raw stadium she spots her best friend Lita so she runs to talk to her but Roman stops her and he says to her

“Star you got to stay close to me so I can protect you”

As Star looks at Roman and replies

“Babe why look it’s my best friend Lita can I not go and talk to her please baby you can come with me if you want”

As Roman looks over to Lita he replies

“Ok but I want you to be quick cause we have a match soon.” 

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