The journey of The Shield and their girl

how star rose sky first met her one true love and met the rest of the team she wanted to meet


2. a fresh start

Just as Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Star leave the back stage area of Raw they head back to their hotel, Roman offers Star to stay with him for the night as she didn’t have time to get a room her self cause she was too busy looking for the backstage of Raw.


After Star accepted Roman’s offer of staying in his room for the night she realized that Roman Reigns was madly in love with her only cause she reminded him of himself in so many ways.


As they hit the hotel Dean and Seth said goodnight to Roman and Star as they watched Star put her arm round Roman’s waist, just after Dean and Seth watched Roman leave the bar with his new love interest they both started to challenge people to see if any one could drink them under the table.

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