My babysitters are my bullies !


1. Hell is not only 1 but 2 !!

Chapter one.

No , no , no , no , no ! NO !!! Why ? Why could my own mother do this to me !?

"I'm sorry Trix , but it's just a small business trip-"

"Business trip ! You're leaving for 3 months top just to tour around Europe AND you're hiring a babysitter for me ? I'm fricken 18 !!" I am SO mad right now. I can literally feel steam coming out of my fuming nostrils.

"Hun .... It's actually B-Babysitter's." I froze.

"B-babysitters ?" She nod her head yes agreeing with me.

I gulped . praying inside that she didn't hire who I think she hired.

"W-well who d-did you hire-" I got interrupted by my front door slamming and footsteps.

"HELLO MY FELLOW NEIGHBOR'S !!!!" In came the one and only

Harry styles.

He draped his arm over my shoulder and around my neck.

"Why hello Harry !" My mom chirped.

"Hello there Mrs.Taven ! What a lovely home you have." I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

"You're such a nice young man. I would certainly not mind if you and my daughter date." She now faced me.

"See hunny , this young man is better than you're ex boyfriend who tried to-"

"MOM !" I yelled.

"Sorry , I forgot." She sent me a innocent smile while I gave her a scowl in return.

I wriggled out of Harry's grip and ran upstairs while slamming the door behind me.

I dived for my king sized bed and popped on my earphones.

Harry's Pov

"Don't worry ma'am , you came to the right person. I'll look after Trixie as if she was my life."

"Thank you Harry. I knew I came to the right person. And if you like you can bring company , I know Trixie is a pain , stubborn , mean , arrogant girl who is quite the handful."

I chuckled.

"Thank you mrs.Taven." I smiled.

"Well , looks like I'm off ! Please tell Trixie I say goodbye since she's probably listening to music and sketching right now. And knowing her , she won't come down unless she gets what she wants."

Oh really ... Wait till I'm alone with her .. Then she defiantly won't be getting what she wants.

"Sure thing Mrs.Taven. I'll let her know."

I gave Tina a hug and she left.

I quickly locked the front door like she insisted and grabbed my bags.

I walked up the spiral staircase to a pink , glittery door that had a sign laminated in the door in big bold letters 'TRIXIE'

I smirked.

I barged in her room and dumped my bags on the floor and walked back out again while slamming it so she knows that I was there.

Trixies pov

I rolled my eyes after Harry's pathetic performance. I knew what he wanted from me .

Attention. He'd always like to receive my attention. It let's him know that he succeeded in interacting with me.

Pathetic right.

I closed my sketch pad and hid it underneath my pillow. I climbed off of my bed and proceeded my way downstairs.

Once I was downstairs I found Harry laying in a disturbing position while texting on his phone.

"What" I spat.

"Oh hello , Nice seeing you here." He smirked.

"I live here dumbass. Why did you dump your bags in my room."

"Oh ya know ... Because I wanted to." He continued texting on his phone.

I rolled my eyes and went upstairs again. But every time I take a few steps I just hear Harry laugh so loudly he could burst my eardrums ...

So obnoxious. But I swear one more laugh and I'm gonna-

"HAHAHAHAHAHA" grrrr , that's it ! I'm unleashing my inner beast.

I quickly ran downstairs to be met with the one and only douche.

"HARRY FUCKING STYLES !!!! Would you STOP texting for once !" I yelled but kinda regretted it afterwards.

"No , besides what are you ..." He paused and eye raped me up and down while biting his bottom lip.

"Gonna do about it ?" He smirked while he licked his pink plump lips.

I scrunched my nose up in disgust. "Oh , you would not want to find out !" I spat.

"But what if I do ? Then what will you do" he cocked an eyebrow.

"Just shut up Styles ! Where the hell is you're 'friend'?"

"Oh , I just texted Louis. He said his on his way and he said he couldn't wait to see you." He winked.

"L-Louis .. Is helping y-you babysit m-me." He nodded.

I gulped and before I knew it ...

There was a knock on the front door.


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