My babysitters are my bullies !


4. Arguments.

I stood still in Harry's arms, not so sure on what might happen if I actually get out of his grasp.

I heard someone clear their throat, and the next thing I knew, I'm face down on the floor.

"What the hell you freak! I'm so sorry Louis, this little lesbian just threw herself on me! I had nothing to do with it!" I helped myself up and groaned in pain.

I knew it was to good to be true, "Um, actually, it's the other way around!" I corrected. Harry gave me one of his 'shut up' glares.

I kept quiet and remained still.

"I only came downstairs cause it was abit to quiet for my liking..." Louis slowly walked down the last remaining steps of our spiral staircase.

"I'm..gonna head out for abit..." He grabbed his coat and placed It over his striped shirt.

Harry gave him a nod while me on the other hand just gave him a look.

It was quiet up until we heard the front door slam and the engine of Louis' BMW.

"Harry! What was that for! Firstly you threw yourself on me, I didn't throw myself on you! How inconsiderate can you-" I was cut off by Harry hugging me ?

I quickly pushed him off, "Stop that!"

"Stop what?" He smirked.

"Stop...this!!" I gestured towards me and him.

He rubbed his dry, pink, swollen eyes and grabbed me by the arm, pulling us to the front door.

"Harry, where are you taking me!" He grabbed both of our coats and exited the front door.

"It's a surprise." I groaned and pulled my arm out of his grip.

"Oh come on Trix, don't be like this... I just wanna show you something." He popped his coat on and stared into my big, bright brown eyes.

"I first wanna know where we are going!" He sighed and stepped towards me.

"A special place, now come on and let's go!" He grabbed me again.

"Harry will you stop! I'm not going anywhere with you! Now just leave me alone and stop hassling me!" I left him wide eyed and made my way in the house upstairs.

I quickly opened and locked my door once I heard his feet trail behind me.

"Trixie open this door!" He pounded. I picked up my iPod and attached it to my stereo.

I trailed through a couple of songs before landing on 'One more night' by Maroon5.


Should I open the door or not?

Before I could even think my legs made their way to my bedroom door.

I reached for the doorknob and...


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