Within My Dreams

After attempting suicide Kristin,a 15 year old,starts having weird dreams.The strange thing is that she's completely aware in these dreams.She meets Tristen,a 16 year old who committed suicide.The two slowly fall in love as they attend Divini High,an academy for Astral Valkyries.


3. Tristen

His skin was flawless,his blond hair shining like a bulb of light and his smile made me melt.On his back I could see two white-silver wings,he was about 6'5" and was dressed in a white t-shirt,black Polo jeans and black Jordan shoes.His eyes were a deep grey almost silver and they were full of compassion.His face perfectly shaped and his lips were so kissable.I tried to step closer to him but when I did I stumbled and almost fell to the ground but in a flash he  caught me I didn't even see when he moved from where he was."Are you okay?"He asked silkily.I loooked up to his flawless face and stared at his beautiful eyes,then I caught myself and answered "Yeah..Um...I'm fine."I was stumbling over my words.He chuckled and a caught a glance of his heavenly white teeth.He let me go and said "Let's go." He said and in another flash he was about 10 feet away from me.I half ran to keep up with him,then I finally asked "Where are we?"He turned to face me and smiled then answered "We are in the Dreamscape." Then he turned and we continued walking .

   I admired my surrundings ,the sky was a shimmering violet and the grass that walked upon was a dewy emerald,I heard the light tweeting of unknown birds and a heavy rush of water indicated there was a waterfall nearby.Then I finally got the nerve to ask this question"If this is the Dreamscape,why do you have wing?' He turned around again "This is our dream,we can be whatever we want to be.I chose to be an angel." He then spread his wings and flew abot 20 feet above the ground and was moving thrice as fast than when he was walking.I ran to keep up "What do you mean by our dream?Who are you?" I asked almost breathlessly He looked down at me and said "I'm Tristen.I committed suicide a few years back.We have a spiritual connection,I don't know why.I'm what you call a Astral Valkyrie, a dream angel and it looks like I just got my partner." He smiled at me.

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