Within My Dreams

After attempting suicide Kristin,a 15 year old,starts having weird dreams.The strange thing is that she's completely aware in these dreams.She meets Tristen,a 16 year old who committed suicide.The two slowly fall in love as they attend Divini High,an academy for Astral Valkyries.


1. Prologue

"I hate myself more and more everyday.I can't stand looking in the mirror.I can't stand living anymore,what's life without someone to love you.Suicide is the only way to escape all this hate and suffering.I'm told to stay strong,to fight the battle but the truth is I've already lost!" I shouted this on top of my voice then went closer to the edge of the school and looked down,I allowed the tears to run free.I jumped and gravity pulled me down and I could see where I jumped from before I hit the ground I heard a voice shout "No!"Then it went dark.

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