Within My Dreams

After attempting suicide Kristin,a 15 year old,starts having weird dreams.The strange thing is that she's completely aware in these dreams.She meets Tristen,a 16 year old who committed suicide.The two slowly fall in love as they attend Divini High,an academy for Astral Valkyries.


2. Falling

I was awoken by the beeping of an annoying heart monitor and the stinky smell of disinfectant.My eyes squinted in the beams of sunlight that came through the window,I looked around

"Where am I?" I thought.I turned my head to the doorway of the small room,I saw two shadows and I recognized the voice of my mother,her voice was tearful as she asked the person she was facing, "Why would she do this?Why?" the person responded in a calm voice "Well teens her age face the pressures of trying fit in socially, to perform academically, and to act responsibly.Sometimes the pressure is too much and the attempt suicide." I could almost feel that my mom was on the verge of crying,so I called out "Mom?".I heard my mom's and the doctor's footsteps as they approached the door."Hi honey.How's your head feeling?" she said in her Jersey accent "Like a 50 pound dumbell just fell on it." I said as I touched my  badly bruised forehead ."You're gonna have to stay for a couple tests before you leave.In the meantime get some rest."The doctor said as he looked at his clipboard."But mom... I was cut off by "You need your rest Alli ." she said soothingly as she stroked my cheek."This will help you go to sleep." said the doctor as he held up an injector with some fluid inside.He approached the bed and piereced my delicate skin with the needle that striked fear into children's heart.A strange dizziness fell over me and I started seeing double."Mom?" I managed to choke out ."Shhh honey.You need your rest." She said soothingly.It went black and quiet,that's the first time I dreamt of Tristen.

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