Within My Dreams

After attempting suicide Kristin,a 15 year old,starts having weird dreams.The strange thing is that she's completely aware in these dreams.She meets Tristen,a 16 year old who committed suicide.The two slowly fall in love as they attend Divini High,an academy for Astral Valkyries.


4. Awaken

After hearing Tristan's story,I knew I had more than a thousand questions to ask my mom."So why exactly do me and you have a spiritual connection?" I asked Tristan who was still in the air "You attempted suicide,right?Well I succeeded once a human fails at commiting suicde they become what my people know as a Fallen" he answered  "So what exactly is a Fallen?' I asked inquisitively

Tristan sighed then answered "A Fallen is a person who can travel back and forth from the Astral plane but can only do this while dreaming.A person recieves these abilities when they attempt suicide due to emotional problems." The sky was now a clear silver-grey and the wind was gentle I looked up at him and said "I tried to commit suicide because everyone hates me."

His altitude changed and he landed beside me "Not everyone hates you,I don't." he said comfortingly.My eyes met his and said "Thanks.So why did you commit suicide?".Tristin sighed again "My father hated me,he physically abused me everyday and my mother never said anything.One day I couldn't take it anymore and I stabbed myself,that's when I arrived here and found happiness. "I'm sorry to hear  that." I said sympathetically.Afer a few more minutes of walking we came up on this big,beautiful palace.It looked like it was made of sapphire and diamonds and the windows of gold."Welcome to Divini,a school for people like you!" announced Tristin.After that moment I knew that my life would change forever.

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