Hard Knock Lifw

my first ever book here so go easy on me ok!


1. The next day!

i went to school the next day and saw my best friend rebecca penson i smiled and ran up and hugged her , i started talking about harry straight away. 

"oh becky it was magical hes long curly hair hes gorgeous smile hes beautiful laugh he has the personality of an angel i wonder if hes single , oh who am i kidding he would never go out with a girl like me" 

"hey dont be like that course he would your an amazing girl your funny talented and just beautiful" 

"your only saying that because your realationship is like a fairy tale you and louis tomlinson match made in heaven" 

she giggled and gave me a hug she asked me to describe harry again so i did i could talk about him all day but then i realised it was a set up as a warm hand touched mine and span me round. 

"did you really mean that , what you said about me?" 

i looked up only to see that it was harry staring down at me i blushed and tried to pull away but he only pulled me again  

"hey i asked you a question did you mean what you said?" 

"how much of that did you hear" 

"i think i heard enough but the important thing is did you mean it" 

i went bright red and nodded the next thing i know i feel these soft lips press against mine gently it was magical he pulls me in closer and holds me there just for a little while longer he finally lets go and looks at me with those eyes 

"by the way im not single sorry im taken by the most beautiful girl in the world" 

i look up confused why did he kiss me like that why was he so worried to know if i ment it if he alredy had a girl friend 

"umm...ok then sorry i ki" 

i was cut of my a finger on my lips 

"she has brown hair down to her shoulders like you , beautiful brown eyes like you and the most adorable smile and laugh just like you"

i look up again and say in a confident but shaky upset voice  

"well shes a very lucky girl , whats her name?" 

"her names chloe ....... chloe rose anglish" 

i look at him confused yet excited it was me , but how did he know my middle name? 

the bell rings for class he grabs my hands and pulls me in for one long kiss and says  

"i will see you after school to help you get the shoping ok princess" 

i giggle and nod , why is he going out with me im just a kid i mean theres loads of girls out there way prettier then me i mean theres emily theres rheannon theres..... no he picked me , and i guess i was happy about it. 

Me and rebecca walk to our class we had music just after P.E witch means walking from middle block to west block and being told off for being late again beacause we take to long getting changed , we line up outside the P.E doors and get let in by the 4 teachers that are there i dont know why theres only 4 today theres normally like 6 just for 3 classes to teach and most of the time its just 2 classes because we pair up with the other set i walk into the changing room and emily bell , rheannon waring , loren latchford and tia beadie all run over and hug me loren looks up at me and says 

"i wish i was as tall as you" 

rheannon looks at me and shakes her head 

"wow you going out with that harry kid now are you?" 

emily spins round at the speed of light and grabs me  

"no way have you got my harry styles curly hair cute smile" 

i look at her and laugh  

"yes yes i have" 

she turns around in a huff i know she has liked him for ages but he still chose me , i walk out side and ask miss if i can borrow a pair of trainers because i left mine at home then i notice harry is in here he looks at me and winks 

"chloe there you are you left your trainers at my house last night" 

he passes me a bran new pair of trainers that had just been bought i look at him confused he nods hes head at me and mimes there all yours princess see you at lunch time  

"thanks harry" 

"no problem chloe" 

i go back into the changing room and put on my brand new shoes and there my size a 6 how does he know all this we finish P.E and go back indoors we had diamond cricket i really embarressed myself harry was watching me the hole time from an upstairs window in east , i didnt hit the ball once but i was a good fast runner so we didnt get out because i was to fast  

me and rebecca get changed into our uniforms the tights the black skirt shirt tye jumper and dolly shoes with our bright red and orange satchels hanging from our sholders we walk slowly over to west just to be told off by our music teacher for being late , we sit down at the piano and start righting our song i sing loudly because im wearing headphones and rebecca plays the key board then all of a sudden theres a knock at our class room door it swings open to be this cute boy with scruffy blond hair and beautiful blue eyes he looks at me and nods his head  

"your a good singer really talented" 

i go bright red and smile "thanks but i cant sing" 

he laughs "do you know were the teacher is by any chance" 

"no last time i checked she was in the main class room" 

"im new here could you show me" 

"sure" i looked at becky and held up one finger to say 1 sec i walked out side and closed the door behind me  

the blond haired kid shook my hand 

"hi im niall , whats your name?" 

"my names chloe , nice name" 

he looks at me and winks "so weres this main classroom" 

i point over to the door were it is and he walks the opposite way  

"wait were are you going?" 

"oh i dont need the teacher i just needed an excuse to hear you sing , say are there any guitars around here?" 

i point to the cupboard that has all the instruments in he walks over there and pulls out an acoustic guitar we walk back to the room me and rebecca was in and he comes in with me  

he pokes rebecca , she looks up and smiles  

"HI IM REBECCA" i pull the head phones off her head  

"i think he heard you no need to shout" we all laugh  

"im niall , miss said i have to be in this group with you guys so could you just fit me in any were and i will play a little bit of guitar" 

"how good are you" i had to ask he was already cute as it was now hes going to play the guitar and sing and it will be amazing CHLOE what are you doing think of harry ok. 

"im not that good wanna hear it" 

before i can say anything rebecca is already in love with him 

"yes ..... yes we do" rebecca shouts and then winks at him 

he starts playing a song that he wrote i cant remeber what it was called but it went like this





me and rebecca both started clapping like broken seals , he laughed and pointed at the piano and microphone 

"shall we" 

we went back to the main class room and all preformed our songs they were amazing , everyone left apart from me and niall , rebecca went to go get her food i stayed to practice and so did niall he cam and sat next to me  

"so beautiful what ya doing" 

i look at him confused "im practicing on the keyboard?" 

he grabs my hand and strokes my face 

"look i aint beating around the bush no more , your hot and i like you so wanna go out?" 

i shake my head and pull away  

"sorry your cute and all but i have a boy friend" and just as i say this harry walks in to find me sitting next to niall he grabs niall by the neck and shouts in his face "TOUCH MY GIRL FRIEND I WILL KILL YOU" 

he puts him down and looks at him with this evil glare 


niall looks at him then looks at me and growlls 

"i understand sorry chloe , sorry dude" then he walks out 

harry sits next to me and gets angry he punches the chair and snaps it , im starting to get scared he turns to look at me and pins me up against the wall he whispers in my ear 

"so your cheating on my all ready" 

"n...no harry its not what it looks like" 

he punches the wall next to me and shouts  


i fall to the floor struggling for oxogen i was so scared i was crying i couldnt breath harry sat on the floor next to me and pulled me into his lap he wiped the tears of my face and kissed my forhead  

"im so sorry i didnt mean to scare you" 

i look up and go in for a kiss but it wasnt just a kiss it was a long make out but it ment some thing not just like when you snog your boy friend at school to look cool , it ment some thing and he knew it.

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