Hard Knock Lifw

my first ever book here so go easy on me ok!


3. phone calls home!

it did get worse i met harry at the swings and he picked me up and span me round like we was doing ballet i giggled and went bright red he looks down and my crumby broken school shoes and my tights that have holes in , he walks me over to the girls toilet and gives me a hole new outfit that he had brought i look up confused yet happy i run into the toilet and try them on they all fit so i just sit in there getting ready.

harrys pov 

i brought her new shoes i brought her new clothes she has to love me by now i knew she was the one when i bumped into her she so cute and funny and pretty and that niall kid better stay away from her , i wish i could help with her mum and dad but i cant i saw a picture in her house she has a brother and a little sister i wonder were they are but in the picture her mums pregnant so i still need to find out alot i already know loads about her i know when her birthday it what shoe size she is i know nearly everything but thats still not enough. The girls toilet door swings open and there she is my angel all dressed up in her out fit her jeans and dork jumper and her new shoes  

"give me a spin" 

she turns round like a sexy little ballarina 

"you like it" 

"course i do i brought it" 

i take her hand and pull her in for a hug but she kisses me i just go with it i didnt think she would want a kiss but she did and i really didnt mind giving her one , we walk up to tesco with my hand in her jean pocket so my hands on her bum and she has her hand rapped round my back we walk into tesco and get everything her mum asks for she puts it all in the kitchen and asks me to unpack it for her i nod my head and she runs into the living room , i start putting things away i open the cupboard to find all her mums medacation its sad really a note falls out and it says on it to chloe from mum i didnt read it that would be wrong. 

she comes back in to the kitchen and hugs me from behind i turn round and she smiles 

"my mum knows about us" 

"oh thats cool" 

she starts running the sink full of warm soappy water she takes the big jumper off i brought her that says dork on it to reveal a cute little white tank top with a pink bunny on it , i grab a towel and start drying the plates that shes now throughing at me. Her once white top is now see through and you can see her bra underneath it she gets some bubbles on her fingers and blows it at my face she giggles and its like music to my ears we start flinging water at each other i grab her from behind and pick her up she screams like a little school girl but at least i know shes happy , we finish cleaning the house and she runs up stairs  

"harry are you coming" 

"what upstairs?" 

"yeah i wanna show you some thing" 

i start walking up the stairs and notice that same picture again with her family in it but her dads not there this time and she looks sad i get upstairs and walk into her room to find her sitting on the bed crying i run over to her as fast as i can she has a picture of her and her dad when she was a baby and hes wearing hes army uniform i hug her as tight as i can and ask her to stop crying , she stops as soon as i tell her to she looks at me and passes me a doctors note it has wrote on it that her mums has cancer i kiss her for head. 

"harry i lied to you" 

"about what" i say slowly pulling away from her 

"my mum dose not have 3 weeks to live she is supposed to die tonight its friday right" 

"yes its friday" i move back over next to her but she lays down on her bed  

"can you stay here tonight please i dont want to be alone when i know what might happen" 

"of course i can but i need to go home to get some stuff ill sleep on the floor in here if thats ok" 

"you can sleep in the spare room if you want to?" 

"no i wont to be in here with you to make sure your ok" 

i lay down next to her and give her a hug she falls asleep and my phone rings i answer it  

"what do you want niall?" 

"you need to come home bro" 

"ok i aint happy with you niall" 

"i know but your girl shes hot but any way if your staying at chloes you need to come back now not just to get your stuff mum wants to talk to you" 

"about what?" 

"just come home" 

he hangs up , chloes still asleep so i tell her mum (donna) that i will be back soon she nods at me and i leave , i finally get home after a half an hour walk i see my mum sitting on the coach 

"yeah mum what did you want" 

"i just wanted to know if you was having dinner here or at chloes" 

"oh at chloes" 

"ok go and get your stuff" 

i kiss my mum on the head and run upstairs i start putting stuff in my bag when i turn round to walk out niall is standing in the door way  

"what do you want" 

"say that im sorry to chloe for me please" 

"ok sure" 

i grab my bag and leave.

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