Hard Knock Lifw

my first ever book here so go easy on me ok!


2. its just a drawing!

me and harry walk around for the rest of lunch hand in hand he wont let go off me like im going to run away some were if we stand still for long enough he puts hes hands on my hips and pulls me in close to him so that no one will take me away he keeps wispering things in my ear like about my mum and dad asking what happened and if im ok. 

"hey princess you know your mum well i dont mean to sound horrible but she dont look very well is she ok?" 

"no she has cancer she has another 3 weeks to live so she trying to make the most of it" 

harry hugs me and kisses my cheek 

"were will you live when she yano dies" 

"i will stay in my house i will ask becky to move in with me or i wil" 

i got cut off 

"you wont live on your own i will come live with you" 

i look at him and nod  

"after school im coming to help you clean up your house and take the shopping home you dont have to do things on your own any more" 

i look at him and smile  

"thanks harry you really dont have to" 

he kisses me gently but passiontly  

"i want to meet me at the swings after school ok" 

"ok i will" 

the bell rang and i went to walk off when he grabbed my hand and span me round  

"were are you going?" 

"to class were else?" 

"your not going any were till i get my kiss" he points at hes cheek and winks i kiss him on the cheek and give him a hug 

"see you soon princess" 

"bye harry" 

i walk into class i have science now with jasmine cox , shes always talking about her boy friend liam payne i have heard so much about him he sounds like a really nice guy , i walk in and sit next to her to see liam wrote all over her hands and arms loren runs over to me and screams 


"what hang on lemme guess zayn" i held to fingers up and done the little bunny sign above me head she soon hit me for it 

"yes zayn he said yes im finally going out with him im so happy" 

"and how did you meet him hope fully not the same way you met me!" 

"no i did not slap him round the face with a bendy ruller" 

"oh good so hes not going out with you because hes scared of you OUCH" 

i shouted as she hit me in the face with a text book we all laughed science finished and we had tutor we all got told to line up in the back off the room witch ment new seating plan another one i was not going to like the teacher started 

"rebecca here , jasmine here , oliver here , niall here" 

niall NIALL oh no please do not make me sit next to him please please please 

"chloe ..... CHLOE next to niall" 

oh no i walked over there slowly rebecca started lauging witch set of georgia witch set of amber i sat next to him and he smiled then held my hand under the table  

"so we meet again chloe" 

i pull my hand away from his  

"yes hi niall" 

the teacher started shouting again  

"get your reading books out if you dont have a book you have to draw the person sitting next to you so rebecca you will be drawing jasmine , jasmine you will be drawing rebecca and so on and so forth" 

im such an idiot why didnt i bring my book i knew some thing like this would happen i pull out a sheet of paper and make niall look at me , niall forgot hes book to so we were both staring at each other and drawing , we finally finished and gave each other the drawing he drew me and labled it (beautiful smile , gorgeous hair) 

this could not get worse.

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