The Caged Bird


3. Chapter Two-Dream

  Saoirse let her feet dangle in the murky water as she scrubbed the blood and ash off a tattered green top. The sun's rays shone down on her as she worked. When she was finally satisfied that the top was as clean as it was ever going to get, she tossed it in the basket with the rest of the laundry and headed back towards camp. She new she was close when the camp's smells wafted towards her. That awful sweaty scent that clung to them wherever they went, and whatever was being cooked in the kitchens. She wasn't sure which smelt worse. When she arrived she made a beeline for the clothing hut where she would leave the basket.

"Hey Gab," she said, as she dumped the basket in the corner of the hut.

"Ya took your time kiddo," the big woman replied, glaring at her.

"Love you too," Saoirse muttered sarcastically as she exited the hut.

  She jogged over to her own hut and shoved the door open to see Eve sitting on her bed staring intently at a shard of a broken mirror, as she painted a self portrait.

"Hey Evie," she smirked sitting down beside her. "Do you really have to paint on my bed? It's just as easy to do it on your own."

Eve rolled her eyes and put the finished painting on the floor at their feet.

"Better lighting," she replied. "And can I please get my tattoo now, I turned fourteen hours ago."

"Alright," Saoirse grinned. "We'll head over to Jay's now."

 Jay was the best tattoo artist, and probably the most respected person in the camp. He was also her best friend. They found him by the kitchens talking to Cook. When he saw them he grinned and waved.

"Lemme guess,"he said as they approached. "Evie wants her caged bird tattoo?"

"Yup," replied Saoirse smirking.

"Of course. Wait here, I'll be back in a sec."

  After he left, the two of them sat down on a rock and waited. Saoirse stared at her sister and felt a small pang of jealousy. Eve was so sweet and innocent, with long blonde hair, pale skin, bright blue eyes and a voice like liquid gold. She didn't belong in the Wilds and she never would.

 Suddenly the entire camp erupted in chaos. Screams filled the air and people were stampeding in every direction. Saoirse leaped to her feet, pulling Eve up with her. She spotted Jay return with the biggest knife she had ever seen as half a dozen soldiers burst through the clearing. Saoirse shoved Eve behind her, raising her fists as Jay ran towards them. He tossed her a smaller knife which she easily caught, and prepared herself to fight. But deep down she knew it was useless against the soldier's guns. But she fought anyway, never once letting her sister out of her sight. She stabbed the knife into the first soldier's gut and watched him crumple to the ground, blood spraying from his open wound. Suddenly Jay groaned. Saoirse spun around just in time to see him stagger backwards clutching his leg. She ran towards him, taking her eyes off Eve for one second, but that was all it took.

 Eve screamed as a soldier grabbed her. Saoirse, suddenly forgetting about Jay flung herself into the soldier, ripping Eve from his grasp. But the man slammed the butt of his gun into her skull and Saoirse hit the ground, black spots dancing before her vision. She desperately tried to scramble to her feet but then she heard the deafening roar of a gunshot and collapsed in a heap. The last thing she saw was her sister kicking and screaming as she was carried away into the distance...

 Ruby awoke, gasping. This was Saoirse's body.



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