The Caged Bird


4. Chapter Three-Ruby

 A million questions burst through Ruby's head at the same time. It seemed that Saoirse's life was partly her own, she could feel Saoirse's anguish towards her lost sister. She felt Saoirse's desperation to find her. But then she felt stupid, Saoirse was an Insurgent, a threat to all Ruby held dear. But she couldn't help but wonder how she had survived that attack. The A.L.E.T. (anti-insurgent law enforcement team) had a strict "no survivors" policy, and the Elites, who were sent out into the Wilds, were about as coldblooded as you can get.

 As Ruby lay, thoughts swirling around her head, Alix stepped into the room.

"Are you ready for the test?" she asked brightly.

"Ya, I guess," replies Ruby. "But I had a really strange dream. It was my host's memories I think. Is that normal?"

"Um, not really. You see, when we removed the host's mind, part of it was incapable of being removed, and that's the part of her brain that stores her memories. You will probably get a lot more of these dreams, but as long as you don't let them influence you into doing something stupid you will be fine. Now, why don't you get dressed and go down to the test room."

 Ruby nods, and pulls back the quilt, planting her feet firmly on the floor. She notices Alix abrubtly leaving the room, but what she doesn't see is the look of panic painted across her face.

 As she stands, she stretches her stiff back, breathing deeply. Her eyes wander the room until she finds the wardrobe. She shuffles awkwardly towards it, still getting used to her new body. She wraps her fingers around the aluminum handle and opens it. Inside, to her dismay, is only one outfit. A pair of military-style pants and a dark purple tank-top. There was also a pair of shiny leather boots. 

 She slips into the clothes quickly and steps outside the room into the hallway. As she gazes down the endless corridor with doors the whole way along, Ruby feeling slightly panicked, having absolutely no idea where to go.



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