The Caged Bird


2. Chapter One-1 year earlier

  Ruby stared at her reflection in the mirror one last time. She smiled, knowing she would never look this ugly again. She had always hated her appearance. Her face was covered in acne, her hair looked as if it were a rat's nest no matter how long she spent brushing it, and she was so fat she could barely look at herself. But all that was about to change. She stood up and left the room, walking through a set of double doors that lead to the main lab. A young scientist with short black hair and glasses was waiting for her. She smiled as Ruby stepped in.

"Ruby Smith?" she asked brightly, staring at the clipboard in her hand.

"Ya," mumbled Ruby in response.

"Right this way," she said, beckoning her to a nearby table covered in a sheet. Ruby grinned; her new body lay under that sheet.

"My name is Dr. Alix Moore, and I'll explain the whole procedure to you. Firstly, I'm afraid to inform you that your original host passed away this morning, but we've found another one at the last minute that we believe will be fine. I hope you understand. Now the procedure itself is quite simple," Dr. Moore continued. "All we need to do is a quick brain transplant that will put your mind in the host's body and it should be over in approximately ten minutes. You'll be given one day to adjust to your new body before the test begins. Throughout the first test there will be several smaller tests that will be extremely important for scientific research and development. Now, the reason you were chosen for these tests is because of your incredible brain and mental strength, but as your body is not so ideal we'll be giving you a host instead for maximum benefit."

 With that, she whipped off the the sheet. Ruby gasped, the body before her was nothing like they had promised her. They had assured her the host would have blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, a skinny figure and no scars are markings whatsoever. This host was the complete opposite. She had dark blonde hair, hazel eyes, sallow skin, a muscular figure, her nails were bitten to stubs, and there wasn't an inch on her body not covered in scars. Ruby also noticed a tattoo on her right wrist and couldn't believe her eyes. It was an open cage with three birds flying from it. It was the mark all of the outcasts wore, the mark of the Insurgents. Alix seemed to notice her shock and spoke up.

"Like I said, there were a few complications with your previous host... Now why don't you just lie down on this bed here and we'll begin the surgery."

 Suddenly Ruby wasn't so sure she wanted to be in the tests anymore, but at this stage she had no choice and she lay down on the narrow bed. 

"Now," smiled Dr. Moore, holding up a needle full of a rich orange liquid. "This won't hurt a bit."

And then Ruby was engulfed in darkness.

 The first thing Ruby noticed when she woke up was the blinding beam of light shining down on her. She blinked a few times before her eyes adjusted. Sitting up, she shivered realizing that every movement felt so wrong. She didn't feel beautiful like they said she would, she felt even better. She felt strong. Suddenly Alix appeared in front of her and burst into conversation.

"How do you feel?"

"O.k. I guess," replied Ruby.

"Great, it shouldn't take you long to get used to your new body. A good sleep should do the trick, I'll wake you up when it's time for your first test. And before I forget, there was a minor problem with the transplant. 100% of the host's brain was incapable of being removed without damaging the body, but don't worry, we're confident it won't cause any problems."

Then she left, allowing Ruby to get some rest. As she drifted off, Alix's words stayed in her mind. And then the first dream began.




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