A Hymn to Him

A collection of my romance poems.

(Cover credit to Herleen28)


2. Way Back When

Way back when she was in school

She thought herself quite a fool

She holds her pencil tight

Her knuckles chalky white

She sees him pass like a breeze

In her mind, begging, please

Notice me! All beg of you!

But he passes by without a rue

To her dying spirit, to say adieu

As he passes by

The girl lets out a sigh

Why should her silent implore

Make him notice her any more?

She's nothing to him, nothing at all

But as for him, she's taken a fall

For his good looks and his boyish charm

She can't see how he is of harm

But she's mentally wasting away

While he's out loving another this day

She is, alas, just an infatuated baby

While he's more mature and good looking, no maybe

He'll go on and be important and big name

She'll fade into the shadows of his past mundane

Just like to her one day

He'll be no more than the diary entry

In the old notebook she'd forgotten last century

Until one day they meet again

Older and wiser than they'd been

Way back when

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