A man in his late 20's kidnaps kids around the ages of 3-6. Takes away their identities and fits them into his life as seen fit.


3. 3

~~I sat, waiting for the bus trying to be as aware of my surroundings as possible. It has been three years since my baby sister was taken from us. Kidnapped is what the police told my parents, my parents told me then I kept secret. The bus finally arrived; I let my guard fall as I stepped into the warmth. It was late February and the snow had just started to melt. The bus groaned and screeched its way down Main Street when the driver hit a patch of black ice. I was thrown from my seat into the lap of an older man. My head bounced off the seat and smashed against the cold, hard floor.
 I woke up in an old stained bed. I lifted my upper body into a sitting position, only to be welcomed by a head-splitting headache. I put my hand to my forehead; I could feel the knot that must have formed while I slept. I looked around the dark room; this was not a hospital nor was it my room.
 "Hello? Where am I?" my voice was hoarse and this was all I could manage. Banging erupted from the silence. I jumped, straining my eyes I tried to find the source of the noise. The closet. All at once the banging stopped. I put my hand up to the door. "I-is someone in there?" once again the door shook violently but this time I could hear muffled screams. I pulled back staring at the door debating if I should open it or not. My curiosity won and I slowly opened the giant wood door.
 A girl, tightly bound and gagged, sat in the far edge of the small closet. My eyes widened I stepped back slamming the door and ran back to the bed. My mind screaming at me to help her but my body lay there paralyzed.
I was roughly awakened the next morning. "Good morning sleeping beauty. Get the fuck up." It was the same girl I had seen in the closet the night before only now she had the start of a bruise on her cheek.
 "W-what happened?" I asked "None of your damn business that's what happened!" Then she just stormed out of the room. Just like that left me with no idea what to do. So I just sat in the dirty bed until a knock came from my door. A young boy, I'd say about seven or eight, was standing in the door way with a smile plastered to his cubby face. "He says I should lead you down stairs to breakfast." He held out his hand. I hesitantly crawled out of bed and took his extended hand. "Whose He?" I was puzzled as I followed him to the kitchen where another little girl was sitting at the table next to the girl from last night. The little boy ran and sat down next to them. I stood there for a moment or two when yet another boy walked in he was carrying a little girl. He quick glanced at me and then made a sympathetic glance at me and sat down with the little girl in his lap.
 They all looked at me and I looked at all of them. "Well children looks like no one got seventeen anything to eat." I jumped afraid to turn around; I froze. "Well, seventeen sit down." He moved around me with grace and pulled out a chair. "M-m-my name is Kim." Was all I could sputter. His features hardened "No darling your seventeen now." I looked at the rest of the kids; they stared at the table, the walls, anywhere other than me. I bent my head in defeat and sat in the old yellow wooden chair. I hate yellow.
I sat there for a few minutes unsure of what to do next. I turned my head slightly to look at the oldest boy and the little girl that was bouncing on his lap. I studied her face and realized she looked almost similar to me. With her auburn hair that curled at the tips and blue eyes that shone with joy. That's when I noticed she was whispering to the older boy.
"Yes she's our sister." He would answer and in another second her hand would shoot up and cup his ear. "No she everyone's sister." I guess this was not the answer she was looking for because she imminently began to wail. "But she is. She is. She's just mine, I promise." As soon as she started she stopped. "I'm sorry." And is if on cue the man stormed in. "What the hell have I told you about screaming." He hissed as his hand connected with the little girls face.  I gasped and stared in horror as he brought his arm back and did it once more. "Stop!" I shrieked "Stop you monster. You're going to hurt her." I pulled at his shirt but it did nothing except distract him for maybe a moment. When he had finished smacking her, he turned, his anger now redirected. The force of a small truck hit my face and was followed by a badgering of cuss words and smaller punches. I could only feel the first few because as he took out whatever anger he had left; I drifted farther into my subconscious.

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