Time To Leave - book #2 of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series

"Justin? What's going to happen now?" Page asked. "I'm not sure, first of all we need to find a place thats safe. It's not safe for just the two of us in the middle of the city. I've murdered too many people, and too many people would give anything to kill us, painfully, and slowly," He sighed. He pulled her closer to him, as they hid in the small ally, alone. The gangs have left them, and ran off. They were sick of being controled by Justin. Page dosen't deserve this life, she was pulled into it. Page shouldn't have to be put into so much danger, she should still be at home, with her parents, and her younger brother. But now, she can't afford to think about her parents, which Justin had murdered. Her little brother is still safe, and hopfuly it'll stay that way. But Page, and Justin, are in more danger, than they have ever been. This is book #2 of Kidnapped By Bieber.


14. Chapter #14 - That's Just Life



         Page's P.O.V.


                    We get back to Dillan's house, and grab our stuff. We put it into the van, and leave. "Where are we going to go?" I ask them. "Out of the country, probably Mexico," Justin says. I nod my head. "Why does this all have to be so hard? We do bad things, life sucks. If we do good things, life sucks," I sigh. "That's what we get though. Being big time criminals isn't really gonna give us an easy life," Dillan says.  "I know," I reply. "That's just life," She says.


A/N How can I make the story better? I need idea's. I seem to have lost readers. :( How can I make this better, and more enjoyable?

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