Time To Leave - book #2 of The Kidnapped By Bieber Series

"Justin? What's going to happen now?" Page asked. "I'm not sure, first of all we need to find a place thats safe. It's not safe for just the two of us in the middle of the city. I've murdered too many people, and too many people would give anything to kill us, painfully, and slowly," He sighed. He pulled her closer to him, as they hid in the small ally, alone. The gangs have left them, and ran off. They were sick of being controled by Justin. Page dosen't deserve this life, she was pulled into it. Page shouldn't have to be put into so much danger, she should still be at home, with her parents, and her younger brother. But now, she can't afford to think about her parents, which Justin had murdered. Her little brother is still safe, and hopfuly it'll stay that way. But Page, and Justin, are in more danger, than they have ever been. This is book #2 of Kidnapped By Bieber.


13. Chapter #13 - Stolen

A/N Sorry, I haven't been updating. I'm updating right now to take my mind off the fact that my mom just left to the emergency room. She keeps telling us she's going to die, I'm to the point I'm starting to believe it. Just tryin' not to cry right now.


         Page's P.O.V.


               I open my eyes, and I'm tied to the seat of the van, with a cloth over my mouth, so I couldn't speak. I look over, and see Justin, the same as I. He's tied to the seat, with a cloth over his mouth, only, I think he was asleep. I bump him with my shoulder a few times, till he opens his eyes, and looks at me. He tries to talk, till he realizes the cloth on his mouth, then he sighs. "Morning kids," Jeremy says. I glare at him, as does Justin. After that, Jeremy goes back to talking to the rest of the gang. I look at Justin, then at the van ceiling.





         "Ok guys, help me get them inside the house. I want Justin in the dungeon to starve to death, and put Page in with him too. In the morning, we'll kill her," Jeremy says. They all nod there heads, and reach in, and pick us up. Gage carrying me, and Levi and Jeremy carrying Justin. Is this actually going to be it? Will the end of me, will it really come to be in the morning? But god, Justin. He's going to be starving to death. I know how that feels. It's awful. I know that because of my second kidnapping. They take us down into the dungeon, and take the clothes off our mouths. They lock the door, and leave. "Justin, you have to find a way out. Starving can't be an option for you. It's awful," I tell him. "If I find a way out we'll be going together," He says. "I don't think there is a way out of this one," I tell him. "I think you might be right," he sighs. Dillan comes down in the dungeon place, with food in her hands," Jeremy sid to give you two your last meal," Dillan says. "Piss off bitch!" I yell at her. "Ouch, some friend you are," she rolls her eyes. "Are you kidding m-" she cuts me off "I'm not gonna actually let you die! I'm down here to get you guys out," she says. "Why should we trust you?" I ask. "Even if I did lie to you, it wouldn't matter, your gonna die anyways," she says. "Oh thanks," I snark. She chuckles, and opens the door, and unties us. "Ok, follow me," she says. She starts running into the darker part of the Dungeons hall way. We follow after her, until we reach a door. "This is the way I came in when I came to find you. And you were scared as hell," Justin laughs at me. I roll my eyes, and Dillan opens the door. The doors leads to the back yard. We go out, and look back at Dillan. "Thank you," I say. "Don't thank me yet, thank me ounce we're farther away," she says. I nod my head, and the three of us run. We just bolt. Tryin to get out of this death trap a.s.a.p. so we wouldn't die! We leave the yard, and run to the van. We hop in the van, and Dillan rewires it. We take off, and drive as fast as we can.

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