officially friends

Two twin sisters went to meet one direction at the airport and got there phone number Emily and Lena are going to have the best time of the life


6. after the party

I woke up I saw I was in my sister boyfriends bedroom I was still in my clothes , but when I stepped out the hall Lena and Jack weren't . Guys wake-up and get dress I'm totally I saw my life flash before my eyes.said Emily sorry em.said Lena and Jack I ran to the door and got outside my head was hurting I went to my car but I'm not going to drive home Lena is. Hurry up Lena.said Emily lena ran out the door fully dress  and started the car. I stepped out of the car when we reach home . I decided to go home and go to sleep but my mom wanted me to bye her something at the mall I walked to the mall and bought my mom a milkshake at her favorite restaurant I least I think it is her favorite . I bought me some delicious ice cream after 2mins the ice cream was gone what I was hungry .I saw my ex bff melody the reason why she my ex bff because she popular and I'm a history geek I really love history . Melody is really mean now so I tried to ignore her . Hey Anderson come over here.said melody I went over to a table where melody and her really not smart best friends . Can I see your milkshake.said melody I gave melody my milkshake and melody took the straw out . Now who looks good in pink.said melody my hair was covered in milkshake I was so cold . I can't believe you did that.said Emily  aww are you cold .said melody y-yes .shivered Emily I saw my eyes get blurry great my contacts came out so I wore my ridiculous glasses I went outside when I was about cross the street my glasses feel I was in the middle of the street I thought I was going to die but luckily I didn't because I a boy grabbed me away my glasse were thrown back in the street and now they are broken just great I can't see a thing without my glasses . The boy let go of me I thought we were in a room I didn't recognize his voice but I knew it anywhere . Hi I'm Emily .said Emily he didn't answer unfortunately he was looking at my hair . What happen to your hair. Asked the boy his vocie sounded irish I kept thinking who could it be . Um my ex best friend did this to me .said Emily I tried looking but my vision was blurry . Um I can't really see you my vision blurry.said Emily  the boy gave me glasses we had the same eye vision I saw the boy I thought I was going to scream it was Niall Horan .


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