Elena StyPayHorLikSon

(This one I made while I was bored and I just had to quickly think of a name)
Hi.im Elena StyPayHorLikSon and I'm 4.I have 5 daddies 3 mommies 9 aunties and 6 uncles.To sum it up 1d are my daddies there girlfriends are my mommies,my daddies sisters are my aunties and 5 SOS are my uncles.I love my family so much!they are amazing!!


2. chapter 2

Elena's POV

When the limo stopped there was screaming.I don't like going through the fans it's scary!i reached out for dad and he smiled and gladly picked me up.Once everyone was out me and dad stepped out.I held on to him tightly while he whispered in my little ear

"It's going to be ok babe don't listen to them.Just pay attention to my voice."he then started singing soothingly in my ear.

'Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me,

But bare this in mind that it was meant to be,

And I'm joining up the dots on the freckles on

your cheeks and it all makes since to me.'thats when I fell into a little slumber.

Harry's pov

I started to sing little things to her until I could here those familiar cute baby snores.

"hey Louis Elena's asleep."I whispered he nodded and yelled


"SORRY THE BITCH IS ASLEEP WAKE HER UP I HAVE QUESTIONS!"a pap yelled.thats when my blood boiled.I looked at Louis and carefully gave Elena to Louis and walked straight up to the pap slowly until I was nearly a foot away from his face when I clenched my fist and said

"What did you just call my baby girl?"

"Ummm n-nothing"

"That's what I thought now shut your fucking cunt ass up and get a proper job you dick"


"Good now get the fuck out of here!"he then scampered his bitch ass away.I then walked back to the boys and took Elena back who was awake.

"Good job dad!"she cheered

"Thanks baby I love you"

"I love you too dad."she kissed my cheek and I kissed her forehead.Thats when we walked into the studio.

"Dad where's lux?"

"Umm who's going to Lou first?"

"I am"Louis said.

"Can you take Elena to play with lux when you go?"

"Sure come here carrot"I then set her down and she fell over and started to laugh

"My foot fell as weep!!!!"she cracked up.

"Comere you silly girl!"Louis said.She then stood up and made sure she was balanced then ran to Louis.

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